Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Days to Live Like it's Your Last: Day 18

I've gotten behind.  My computer decided to die and not restart.  
I finally got it running again.
For some reason I don't like to use my husbands computer
sitting in the office.
I am so glad to have mine running again 
although I am babying it
just in case.
While I've been gone nothing great has happened.
It's been a survival week because 
our car decided to die
just like my computer.
However in typical my birthday fashion
shortly after my birthday everything gets right in the world again.
It happens every year.
Everything seems to fall apart like my having survived another year needs to be
marked by struggle.
I've survived another birthday.
I've entered into a new year of living.
One that was birthed once again with struggle.
I wonder at times if it's just to let me know that I have another tough year ahead 
and it's just preparing me for it.
I also wonder if one year my birthday will come and will not be birthed with struggle but
with a happy day filled with fun and love.
If such a birthday were to happen would that signify that my year would 
actual be a success?
As much as it was a rough week I must say that I am glad that I made it another year.
Yes it's been another tough year.
I've lost, loved, hurt, cried, laughed, and more.
I've got to be with the ones I love the most.
It's a gift whether it's birthed in struggle or not.
This next year I'm going to be looking for the good.  
I can know that once again I'll be struggling.
Well one day didn't change whats already going on in our lives now.
It was another day.
So I'm going to be looking for my blessings while I also look for the ways to enjoy my life.
To live it.
I know I keep repeating these things over and over but remember in the beginning when I 
said I'd heard it all before and knew it but it didn't reach me?
I know that tomorrow isn't promised and so today I want to live and I need to keep drilling it into my head
so that I don't end up in the mundane everyday all day but 
can fill my life with wonderful days.
Days even steeped in quiet peacefulness make me feel full, alive, and happy.

Another milestone reached another day lived.



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  1. Do not feel that your life is not a success. Yes you struggle but you care for 3 children and teach them at home. You manage a house and a family. That is no small feat. You are a success!


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