Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days to LIve Like it's Your Last Day: Day 3

      Today started off rough.  I woke up excited to be going to MOPS.  A friend had offered me a ride late last night and so I hadn't told the kids yet.  They were all in my bed when I opened my eyes.  I was a little surprised but told them all to get dressed we were going to MOPS.  They were so excited and scampered off to get dressed.  They put on button ups and nice shorts then meet me in the kitchen.
       This is where I found out one of our dogs had pooped in their kennel in the night and I had taken him out to go just before I went to bed.  He had also peed.  The smell was awful.  I took the dogs out while my son tried to clean it up a bit then I gave him the stinky dog to bathe while I hosed out the kennel and cleaned up.  Gross.  If this was my last morning I'd want a refund :P the rest went much better though.  I made pancakes and we got ready on time then off to MOPS.
        For those that don't know MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers it's where moms get together and talk, have speakers, eat some breakfast/snack, do a craft, and relax.  The kids go in to their classes and have a lot of fun.  I so appreciate the ride and they will be trying to come get me for everyone at least until we get a second car!  I love these ladies we have a lot of fun and today we made fleece blankets for the Linus Project which brings them to children who have been in a trauma, have been abused, are ill, and they bring them to fire departments, newborn babies (although not the fleece ones they need some that have batting in them), and police departments.  We did the same thing last year and I really loved it.
        If today were my last day aside from the dog mess it would have been a good one.  What is it that you feel you need to have or do to make your day worth it?  I feel like once we figure that out we can figure out a lot of things in our lives.  It will help us pick our jobs, treat our children the way we want to and should, do more things that we love, and love those that we really do l love.  That's my challenge for you today.  Figure out what it is that would make your last day worth it and I mean do some serious thinking and get to the heart of what you want after all the extravagant things. and see what it is that makes you happy and keeps you ticking.  It's what will fill your cup and lighten your spirit.
         If you haven't already guessed mine these last few days it's family, friends, and people in general.  God has given me his heart for His people.  I'm not perfect and I don't always show love but it is what brings me joy as only he can.

Have a great day 3 see you here tomorrow!

With love,


Here's the website for MOPS so you can read more about them and also find one in your area to get connected!

A picture of my boys making some homemade tortillas a little while back :)

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