Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days to Live Like it's Your Last: Day 10

Three soldiers died in a suicide bombing. It gets me thinking about how much they give up to fight for us.  Not just the ultimate sacrifice of their life but of the living that gets sacrificed.  We don't hear about that to much.  I have a lot of military friends and family and that's one of the things they talk about.  They talk about the pride and the waiting.  They prepare things for their spouses to come home too and count down days with their children.  They also talk about the loneliness and how much the spouse is missing.  They give birth, rejoice over school plays, send children off to school for the first time, patch up scrapped knees and wounded hearts, watch their children get married, lose a family member, end up in the hospital, and so much more all alone.  They are the brave frontier holding down the fort while their significant others are off fighting for our freedom.  Like the war or military or not you must at least respect these brave men and women, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, cousins, and more.  They belong to someone and those numbers being posted are a loved one lost.

This brings me around to my topic tonight.  It's about the three soldiers and how much their families along with them have given up.  When a soldier dies we thank them with a bowed head and a moment of silence at least some of us do.  We forget those soldiers I just mentioned that are on the home front.  We forget the breaking hearts when they hear the news that the one they love is gone.  We forget the little girl walking down the aisle without her daddy.  We forget the little boy at his football games without dad to cheer him on.  Lets take some time and remember them.  Lets remember all our soldiers at home and abroad.  Lets remember those that have passed on whether in battle or later.  Lets think about all the living and all the loving that goes on in those families even though they may be apart.

Let me say that unlike some certain people think God does love our men and women in uniform.  He loves them more than anyone else and he does not hate them.  He may hate a sin someone committed but he does not hate his people.  Those that pass on the message of hate are only going after their own agenda and not God's heart.  I needed to say that I need you to understand that just in case you've heard it and think either God hates our men and women in the military or think that God is hateful.  God is love.  God does not hate his people but loves them and his one goal is to win them over so that we may go and live with him.

On Friday I go to stand in love for a fallen soldier and I will block out the hateful messages of one group of people.  I will shield and support these soldiers here at home and the one who has returned to us in body only.  His sacrifice is not in vain and we will show them that we care.

Thank you for being here with me.  Do not post messages of hate on here I will delete them.  You may disagree but do not be hateful.

Be blessed today and my you have not a happy day tomorrow but a joy filled one.


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