Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our horse still seems to be having some issues we got him some meds today and we are hoping that he pulls out of this slump!!  Bailee and the goats are doing fine though.  I have been looking into different animals trying to figure out which ones I want.  I really want an alpaca they are so cute and their fibers are so soft I can't wait to learn how to make some yarn out of it.  I also want some ducks and some pretty chickens!  Yes some chickens do look pretty and some look pretty silly.

I'm going to be giving my children nick names from here on out.  I have been getting readers from around the world and would like to keep them a little private so my 6yr old is now Mr. A my 3yr old is now Monkey and my 2 yr old is Pumpkin.  Hubby will be hubby.  So lets all try to keep them straight k lol.

I went on my walk today it's been awhile because I have been battling a cold that has hampered my ability to breathe blah I hate that.  My walk felt really good I still struggled to breathe but it was worth it.  I'm looking forward to my walk tomorrow!  I can't wait to have a camera again.  I was in town today so I looked at some cameras at Wal-mart but the only one I saw that had the flip back I was talking about did not seem to take moving shots very well and you can all guess at the speed my boys move in.  It's one of the main tests I do with my camera because moving shots are so important to me.  I can't tell you how many times I've missed a moment because my camera blurred a shot (or maybe it was me!  Can't say anything bad about a camera that fixes user errors though :P ) 

Mr. A and I finished reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle yesterday and he loved it!  I have a bunch of books picked out to read with him so tomorrow I will show them to him and see which one he would like to have read to him.  I kind of hope for How to Eat Fried Worms but any one of them will be fine.  He's finished some workbooks and started new ones.  Tomorrow we are going to make some bird houses he is so excited and today I got some bird seeds to go in it come on birdies!!  I saw some really beautiful birds out and about on my walk today so I'm hoping to attract them.  I bought wild bird seed hopefully they like it.  His EC comes tomorrow to check on his work and we will sign the next 8 weeks of work agreement.  I have never written out my own before (except on my planner last year) so I hope  I gave her what she needed we shall see.

I have slacked completely with Monkeys preschool it was to hard the first few days so we stopped and here and there we will do a few things but it's more like once or twice a month.  With Mr. A being so far behind in reading we have focused most of our attention there and so it was to hard to help a needy Monkey with his work.  I have been thinking on this a lot and would like to do more with him since he is almost four (his birthday is this month!).  I will let you know if I accomplish this goal or not (there has to be a way ahhh)  If you have any ideas let me know as I am struggling with it.

Hubby got his car tags today so we have a vehicle again yeay!!  On the way home though we noticed that the rear blinkers don't work, a brake light is out, and the dash lights don't work.  Maybe we need a fuse?  Or maybe some lights need to be replaced?  Well will have to wait and see but still yeay a car of our own again.  I know it hasn't been long but when you live out in the middle of nowhere it feels like a lifetime!!

Have a great day (ps I wrote this yesterday lol)

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