Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Change is on the Horizon

I was thinking that I really ought to stop posting on my blog so late!  After an entire day with the children, animals, homeschool, and the myriad of everything else and everyone else I deal with/do I really seem unable to type./spell!  I have been reading over some of my posts (after someone comments I try to read my posts to see what they saw and what they are referring to specifically) and I need to type earlier my brain shuts down a lot sooner then I post.  Spell check can only do so much.  Another thing that I have been thinking about is changing up my blog.  I have just been updating everyone on our life over here but I'd like to do more (maybe it's my writers heart or maybe my short attention span...anyways..).  I'd like to really let you guys in on my struggles as a parent, homeschooler, mother, and some of the many other hats I wear.  This might be where I lose some of you readers as whats in my heart is God and I'm going to try to relate and create my life more around him.  I really need to work on that.  I need to see my life more from God's perspective!  I've been a christian for well all of my life except I have not lived as one all the time.  There was high school when my baby sister died and I went of the deep end with depression and some aggression (we'll not mention the Harley shirts and baggy jeans!).  I blamed God and tried to run away from him while he with his patience just kept gently tugging me back.  It's so true no matter what he never lets go.  There have been other times...times I am to embarrassed to even mention.  No matter what we are human and we can get ugly no one is immune to the power and temptation of ugly!  Ugly is what we call the actions our children make that we cringe at like the typical child's "harrumph" at the thought of not getting their way and we say "that was a really ugly sound you need to change that and use your words"  Ugly is what I think sometimes when I am not getting my way and ugly is what I sometimes say in the heat of a moment.  I have been ugly.  I hope to grow and to become stronger so that I can resist the temptation of ugly.  I am so glad that he never lets me go!  

 So welcome to my crazy life and my soon to be revamped blog!  I am going to try to change the top and some buttons to make it more visually appealing also.  I can't wait!  As a side note for those who do just want to read what has been going on in my life as I have been doing, I will still be adding in an extra post to do just that.  How I will do it is the question.  Whether it will be weekly or daily still I am unsure so stay tuned.

Have a great night and I will be seeing you shortly!


  1. it already looks different in a good way and I look forward to reading your posts

  2. I think this is a wonderful decision to make. As a fellow Christian, our journey here on earth, if we live it transparently can encourage others in their spiritual walk. I know this post has for me, thank you.


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