Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Monday, February 28, 2011

Lots to Do

Some things that I am learning around here:

  1. You can get bacteria in your gums through a loose tooth.  Leading to an infection and the need for antibiotics.
  2. Not many people except our insurance
  3. Living in the middle of nowhere means lots of driving to appointments meaning long hours in cars.
  4. Living with family means stress beyond belief in times followed by appreciation and the both of them can come so after each other making me feel less sane.
  5. Sometimes you just need to talk to get over what ever is bothering you no matter how big or small
  6. We all need forgiveness and most importantly we all need to forgive even more.  Unforgiveness can lead you to a bitter heart, heartache, depression, anger, and so many other negative things.  It also does not help, protect, or advance you in any way.  So forgive some one today!!
There are many other things that I'm learning but for the moment that's enough.  I finally got Pumpkin an eye doctor appointment a lot sooner than April!! Yeay!!  In fact it's on Monday!  Phew as soon as I made the appointment I felt a huge weight just lift off of my shoulders.  Mr A is the one with the loose teeth that got some bacteria up in them and came down with an infection.  I took him to the ER and they gave him some antibiotics.  Once the antibiotics were gone though and his gums cleared came back.  I don't know if he got more bacteria up there or if it just looked gone but it is definitely back.  I wonder if it's how he brushes his teeth...anyways it's a new thing for me to watch out for.  Both of his front teeth have been loose for awhile now and they don't seem willing to fall out (yes I wiggled them around and tried to help them out.  They loosened more but are still holding on).  So tomorrow he has a dentist appointment and they will hopefully help us out.

Monkey is doing well.  He is having a little bit of trouble with selfishness and stubbornness.  I am hoping to help him work it out.  He is the middle child enough said right?  I have been letting him join in more with school.  Last week we did letters with clay and paper.  He had so much fun he did two letters and then wanted to do some more.  I made him some colored rice for his birthday and he loves it.  I made him a purple, green, blue, and yellow bucket with little scoops in each one I plan on having him 'write' letters in them or just make lines either way is fun practice for him.  I told you I would tell you how his party went and let me tell you it was great.  Not many people were able to come because of the weather but the ones that did come had a fun time.  We were unable to make the foam swords due to money ehhm.  So we improvised and made cardboard swords reinforced with tape and cardboard shields that we colored and added foam decorations to.  We used twine to make little arm holds for them.  My parents got a swing set as a combined birthday present for all the boys and they have been loving it.  It's their first swing set ever so it's a big deal.   We had Trader Joe's food and I made their boxed cake into cupcakes with a homemade cream cheese frosting yum!  If you haven't tried Trader Joe's you are missing out.  I am now in love with their potato vegetable snacks, crackers, and their cheese puffs mmmm.  I will definitely be shopping their more often.  I love that they do not have any dyes in their food. My friend that I have been talking about has a special diet for her family and I am thinking about joining her.  With Hubby's illness and the ADHD here we could use a stricter diet.  It'll be hard while living here but I think we can incorporate it in a little.

Hubby has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to check on his sleep apnea and then either take the machine or adjust it's settings.  I definitely do not think they will be taking it but they probably will be adjusting it some.  So that's two appointments tomorrow in separate cities. I really think that we need to see if someone can take one of us or we will miss an appointment.  Hubby has been 'detoxing' off of his meds this week and needs to go back to see his doctor and get new ones but we are hoping to find a more natural doctor because he doesn't seem to be taking well to all the chemicals.  Well here's to hoping we finally find the right one!

Homeschooling is my favorite part of my life!  This week we made bird houses I can't wait to get my camera this weekend so I can take pictures and show you guys how well they turned out!  I found them at a blog I read.  When I post my pictures I will link back to her blog so you guys can see how cute hers are.  We had a whole day of playing board games, playing with Tinker Toys, puzzles, and coloring. We even had Pumpkin playing with us.  One day we just had recess all day.  Yes I believe that it is a class lol.  The boys were playing so well together outside and it's not a normal occurrences without the usual 'I'm bored', 'he's being mean', 'he won't share', and the myriad other things they try to come in for so I left them out there playing until lunch time and when they woke up from their naps they were back out there.  We are going to be doing some car schooling this week to make all our appointments so I think we will be doing a lot of reading.

I hope that your all doing well this week and I will let you know how our appointments go :)


  1. Hello, I loved your posts. You have a beautiful family.

    Your blog is excellent!

    I wish you peace,

  2. I hope your appointments go ok. I think you are so brave homeschooling, thinking up projects to do and all.

  3. Thank you Isha! Welcome to my blog. Raine thank you our appointments went well and I just love homeschooling it is a lot of work and I'm sure that there are a million moms better than me out there but it's definitely for me! I hope your doing well:)


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