Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Friday, February 4, 2011

Chicken 'tude

I was sitting at the kitchen table working on my blog today when the dogs started barking in the backyard.  I looked out the sliding door and what did I see?  A chicken strutting it's stuff just outside of the fence.  It was standing as tall as it could as it carried it's self with a grandeur I haven't see it possess before.  It would glance over at the dogs while still staying just outside of the dogs reach and then look away as though unaffected by all the commotion.  I know however that if one of those dogs got him he'd be a goner and there would be no second chance..chickens don't get to learn from their mistakes.

This chicken made me think about pride and how we all act like this when we think that we are better than someone else, have done/made something awesome, or any of the other myriad reasons we think we have to be proud.  Pride comes before a fall is my main thought.  I've definitely been proud before in fact I'm proud every time I get a post up on my blog and then I reread what I've written and I realize that I really did not do that good of a job.  There are mistakes in my spelling or a wrong word here and there and lets not forget the transitions.  I'm really bad at transitions and sentence structure.  So there goes my pride and it's all out there for the Internet world to read.  Well this is where Jesus comes in.  He takes me just as I am grammatical errors, pride, ugliness, and even more sins.  He wraps me in his arms and says 'let's not leave you here.  Let's take you higher'.  I love being there in his arms.  I don't always stay there sometimes I fall back down but I like to think that each time I fall, I don't fall quite as far down as to where I was before.  I am so thankful that Jesus is so patient and that even though I am far from his perfection and I act like the chicken with my pride when Jesus knows the danger just within reach yet he comes to my rescue just as I hit my knees and he lifts me up yet again.  I hope you know that he can do that for you too and not just when you act like an arrogant chicken but when your ugly, when you've had enough, when your heart is breaking, when you just need a friend.  Your life won't be perfect your still human and so are the people around you, but you won't be alone any more.  He's my comforter, my provider, my strong time, my very present help in my time of need.  (I love that song). 

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