Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Put him in a straight jacket and Then Give him an Enema

So as I have mentioned before our horse has been having problems.  He was rolling around and acting strange also so we called in a vet and he came last night around 6 or 7 to give our horse an enema of sorts.  He gave him a tranquilizer and then put his hand up Big Al's butt (yes he had gloves on lol) and confirmed his hard poop.  So he need to have a tube up his nose and then the horse equivalent to puke came out of the tube and then he pumped water into his stomach along with the horse equivalent to Gatorade and something to help get him going again.  He then gave him a shot to help with pain and voila it was over.  So some other problems we need to have checked out is he needs his teeth filed down and he needs to have his hay increased and his grains decreased apparently it's better if they are just on grass hay.  He told us to not give a horse alfalfa here in CA I'm not sure why but that's fine by us and luckily we haven't been.  He also checked out a wound that he came with it's right on his back on his bone where the horn of a saddle rests and said that it's looking OK but if it doesn't heal up in four weeks to bring him in for x-rays  Apparently if it isn't closing up he could have an infection in his bones yikes so keep him in your prayers!   So now today our horse is doing alright and he is returning to normal....bowel movements so yeay.  I could have shown you lovely pictures if I had a camera lol I'm sure your all very happy about it right now lol.

After the horse hubby went with his brother to stay up there for the night and he took the older two boys with him so it's just us girls, Bren, and Nate...poor Nate hehe.  My time has been spent trying to read all the blog posts I've been slacking on.  I am following a ton of  blogs but for awhile I was busy and didn't read them so I got gulp....517 blog posts behind!!!  I'm now below 500 but now by much.  I would stop reading them but it's all so much fun.  It's like sitting with my friends and a cup of tea (I don't drink coffee) and chatting I love it.  However if it doesn't start going faster I'm going to just have google reader start the count down over!

I had a great time at my friends house on Friday we stayed there all day!  I love to watch our children play together it's very refreshing since they all get along. 

I hope your having a great day :)

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