Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Lot Can Happen in a Few Days

I was to tired last night to do my blogging.  Why?  You might ask.  Well on our way (our being my hubby and I) our car started to act weird and then the headlights dimmed so I pulled off of the road and it was just in time as our car suddenly died.  We happened to be directly across from a strip club and it was dark out.  Instead of going into the strip club in the middle of nowhere we walked a mile up the road to a pizza shop to use the phone.  We ordered drinks chicken wings and some bread sticks.  It was like a date...a little stressful weird date but still the closest thing we have come to since well I don't remember when.  The pizzaria was about to close so we walked back to the car talking and cracking jokes just being us which it's really been awhile since we could be our adult selves.  We do if you remember live with my family which means that there are children around us all the time so being an adult is not really much of an option. This does not mean that we act like children or anything but we can't joke or talk about things that children should not hear.  We sanitize our mouths constantly.  Anyways back to the story...We sat in the car cracking a few more jokes and eating our bread sticks when my brother in law showed up with a new battery and tools.  We quickly fixed the car and headed home as the battery light was still blinking on and off which we took to mean that our altinator is going bad.  So my two mile walk mixed with my Wii Fit that I did in the morning I took over 10,000 steps..thats right 10,000 I am beyond happy about that!  Well that was until this morning when even the tops of my feet hurt and my cold was a lot worse so that I am struggling even more to breathe but one must still be happy that what we have done counted for something right?  So today even without my walk or Wii Fit I have taken 6667 steps and I haven't even finished my night yet.  I will post the full results tomorrow when I blog again. 
              Picture of my steps that I took my first time getting the recommended 10000 steps a day yeay!!

Picture of the cake Bri made for my sis.  He used applesauce instead of oil in the cake it was so moist.  The frosting is made out of low fat cream cheese and confectioners sugar.

                    These are the cookies my dad decorated for Christmas see the gingerbreadman's tie?  So cute.
We were working on Aidan's reading skills we used the tiles to make sentences in the corner thats the puzzle I am still working on yes since Christmas it's a hard puzzle.

Have I mentioned that the washer went out?  We were in the middle of washing a load when it died and so I spent a lot time trying to get the clothes to dry we hung them on the ladder and other places around the garage where the washing machine is.  We were trying to save on the drier as the clothes were so sopping wet it was like watching a mini waterfall cascading down them onto the floor.  We put laundry baskets below them to catch the water and two days later they were still dripping  I put them in the dryer little by little until they were all dry.  Today my hubby brought home a washer that a friend of ours was saving for us when we were suppose to get our house that fell through which is a very nice thing and we are grateful for!  It has a few bugs but we are learning how to use it and have already washed a load thank goodness as the laundry has been piling up with twelve people living here.  The part for my parents washer is going to arrive on the twenty-fourth so that they can have their washer back.

Tonight for dinner we had left overs of a concoction that my hubby made it was noodles, white sauce, cheese sauce, broccoli, and cubed turkey all mixed together.  It was a fast easy to make dinner for when no one wants to cook (and that's for both nights!). 

Tonight we watched Tuesdays With Morrie.  I read the book some time ago and saw the movie on Netflicks so I had to order it.  I like the movie it's not a great make or anything but the truest words you'll ever hear are in it and some of them just might touch you it's touched me that's for sure.  It makes me wish that I had known him and had heard his words of life.  I don't believe a book or movie can make it as real for me as if I had been there.  I'm sure that's even more true for Mitch.  I must thank Mitch for sharing such a personal time with his teacher with all of us.  I believe we will all be a little better off having even that slight taste of what Morrie was like.

School was hard on us today Aidan was having a tough time of it and so we did not make it through all of the subjects and things I had planned for us.  It was also a tough night he went to bed crying and I was so glad he was in bed I am hoping that tomorrow will be a much better day for us.  I don't think he is getting enough sleep at night and I don't know how to fix that.  There are some diet changes I would like to make after listening to a webinar on attention and behavior issues and how they are diet related.  The woman who gave the webinar is Dianne Craft and she said so many things that just made sense I would really like to try the diet.  It's going to be a little hard while living here but I think it is worth it I'll let you know if we do try it or decide to wait one day or another I really would like to try it. 

I have been reading the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families by Stephen R. Covey.  I am on the second habit and let me tell you every thing he says makes so much sense.  It should all be common sense to us and I think once upon a time it was but we have lost the ability to listen, love, and really be effective families anymore.  I can't wait to read more and apply them I can't wait to see the results in my family.  Just another thing to keep you all posted on right?

Since I am working on my family I figured the most important part of it was my marriage so I am also reading 15 Minutes to Build a Stronger Marriage by Myron Yagel and Bobbie Yagel.  Our first assignment was to spend a week saying I love you three times a day not hard for me to do.  The second week we were suppose to spend time looking at each other I have failed this I have not passed it yet and we are two weeks into the second week.  I really need to step this one up as you can tell.  So these few days  I am going to try to step it up!

I think thats enough for now a lot can happen in a few days thats why we should never take them for granted no matter what hard things come our way.  I know I blog a lot and things always seem to be going wrong for me which is true but I try to stay positive sometimes I get upset but my overview is always on what I am going to learn from whats happening.  So heres to your lessons in life may you always be striving for the positive side of them.

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