Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Working at it

Recent things have not been very exciting whats new right lol.  So the camper we are living in is apparently leaking up by our bed oh joy some things got ruined but at least we realized it quickly and not when we were covered up to our eyeballs in mold.  The little bit of mold that we did find we kills with a steam cleaner, lysol and bleach. 

I have been going for walks almost everyday since the 31st of December.  I have missed only three days and decided that Saturdays and Sundays are going to be my days off.  They say that you need to take some off so that your muscles have time to repair themselves so I now have an excuse lol.  I began wearing a pedometer this week.  My first day I logged a little over 5000 steps, second day was 4897 steps, and now today I have no clue...why?  Because my pedometer reset itself twice.  I know that it was almost 5000 steps then it reset then I had another 500 something steps and it reset then I walked another 25 steps realized it and took the darn thing off.  So Tomorrow I will retry it and hopefully it will be in a better spot so that it will not reset or I will be throwing the thing across the room.  If it goes back to working I will be recording the steps I take everyday in order to see how much moving I am actually doing.  Did you know that you are suppose to walk 10000 steps a day?  I am a little behind even though I have been going for my walk.  I am begining to think that I would need a job outside of the home to gain that many steps seeing as how normal household stuff and parenting are not getting me enough steps.  Or there is the other possibily that I still need to do more around the house and maybe go outside with the kids once in awhile...yes I do not like to go's cold and dirty lol. 

Today I did go out and feed the horses some peppermint horse treats which they loved the goats did not like them so more for the horses lol.  Big Al is a little mad at us right now we haven't had him long at all so he is still building trust with us.  The reason he is mad is because he had a sore from his blanket rubbing on his backbone where the horn of a saddle would sit and so Jolene put some iodine on it.  He did not like it at all.  Its going to be a while before anyone gets to ride him so he can let that heal and gain some more trust with us.  As for the blanket it won't be going back on him for a while.  It's interesting how he does not have a winter coat where as Bailee has a huge coat and looks really shaggy and warm.  We are hoping that with out the blanket he will develop a coat but I'm not sure if it's the type of horse he is or the fact of where he was living and having a blanket on all the time while there.  Either way we will see.

Brian is going to school he is begining his second week and just received one of his programs from the school today so hopefully tomorrow he can play around with it a bit.  I am happy for him he is working toward his dream job.  The schooling is stressful so far and with him being ill so I hope he can keep it up.

As a last note we all have a cold here in some state of entry or recovery so we have been going through tissues like mad I wonder if we should do a study of where all that mucous comes from Aidan might find it interesting as I gag yuck.  Homeschooling is going well we are not good about doing math as we are really bored with our Saxon curriculum but have been encouraged to keep at it because it gets better...the year however is half over and we are barely into the book because it is so boring.  I know that it works for some families but for us it's not moving fast enough and has a lot of extras that we don't need so I have to read through the teachers book subtracts a lot of dialogue since it is scripted and then finally we can begin and then we are only using a little bit of the lesson.  So I will not be using it next year if anyone has any ideas of what would be a good math subtitute for first grade or knows of some great curriculum let me know please!
I am also looking for a new Character building lesson book.  I really want to build good character into my sons so that they can be men of real worth.  He is reading now woot!  woot!  It's about time.  He still has a long way to go but I am so pleased with the progress we tried reading last year at it was like pulling teeth.  We are liking the new books we have.

Thats about it for now :)

Hope you are having a great week!!

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