Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Roses and Horses

A rose from our garden

Ahhh the sunshine was so nice yesterday.  I began with a sweater on as my mother and I began hacking into the roses, we want them to be shorter and less bushy so we have been trimming them a lot, and a little into it the sun warmed me up so well I was down to my t-shirt.  Note to self-do not wear t-shirts to trim rose bushes ouch.  We found some interesting things in the rose bushes.  Mixed with two of them was an old dead tree.  We trimmed the bushes back and then worked the rotting tree out and staked the bushes up they look so much better now!  I checked on my sis's compost and found lots of worms gross and yet yeay!  This however is where I  got upset.  I broke my camera!  I was stirring up the compost to see what was in there and the stick barely tapped my camera sceen and it cracked!  I am so upset.  I am so careful with my camera it is really small yet I keep it in a big cushioned hard carrying case and I only take it out for a few pictures and put it right back but yesterday I was thinking that I really should take more pictures to put on my blog so that I can show you more than tell you what is going on and what I am seeing.  So here I am in big time regret at my thinking.  I have decided that my next camera is going to have to have a back that can close.  my mothers has a screen but you can twist the back and it closes.  That is what I am going to have to go with as this is my second ruined camera.  Wait what?  You might be asking.  Well this is why I was so careful with my camera you see I was at a parade and set my purse next to and kind of under my chair and yet somehow someone managed to step on the screen.  I was very upset and yet had no one to blame but myself for putting my purse on the ground (that was probably disgusting to boot!) so I pouted and got this camera that is now broken too.  So no more pictures for a little while this is where I yet again insert my plea for tax time to come soon as everything is breaking around me lol.               

                                                   A nasty critter by a rose bush

                                                                                                       This is a picture of Baylee
Big Al our new horse was lying down a lot yesterday which I hear is not normal for them so we have been asking around.  We have gotten a list of possible things that could be wrong with him and no assurance that its probablu nothing so we will have to have him checked out.  So the list is that he could be grinding his teeth so much that they are no longer able to chew his food properly so he needs to have them filed down, he could have worms, he could have a blockage of some sort, and he could be stiff.  So lots of fun stuff right?  Our other horse, Bailee, is doing fine her winter coat is nice and thick she looks so fluffy.  Big Al is looking better on that end he finally has a winter coat coming in.  He is still really thin though so my mother got him some horse thickener.  They are telling us that quarter horses are really hard to keep the weight on especially in the winter.  So he now gets three flakes of hay a day, grains with vegetable oil and the thickener.  Hopefully that helps him gain weight and we will be trying the wormer on him also.  The goats are doing fine also.  The baby goat got in Bailee's way (he was trying to eat her hay) and she rolled him with her head and kicked at him he limped for a minute but then seemed fine after that.  She has been getting an attitude since we got Big Al but I think that it's getting better now that he has been here for a little bit.  The chickens are loving the bugs that have been creeping out the past few days with the sunshine.  They are put away at night and then during the day they freely roam about the yard which is usually fine unless they get on the porch and poop all over it then we shoo them away and have to deal with a mess.  I wonder if there is a way to keep them off of it with out hurting them or leaving them locked up I might have to google that one later.

                                                               Momma Goat

Some of our Chickens

I think I have found a spot for my garden I just need to get all the supplies now and get it going soon.

Today hubby and I had a mandatory appointment to go to and we had to pick my sister up at the airport as she just got home from Seattle so we did not get to go into the doctors we are hoping that my mother will let us use her car to go tomorrow.  Bri needs to go in and get his medicines changed around and Bren needs his eyes checked.  We need to make the all the boys an appointment of some sort within the next few days.  Aidan needs to see a dentist for his new teeth that are coming in (his adult teeth) and he also needs to be seen by an eye doctor.  Bren needs to see someone for his eye and get shots (oh joy right).  Oen actually doesn't need anything that I can remember suddenly although I would like to get the boys all tested for food allergies since they seem to have reactions to different things.  I hear that they don't like to test them all that much unless it's severe but I don't know what constituets severe for them.  Oen breaks out in body hives, Aidan vomits, and Bren breaks out in rashes here and there.  So to me they are enough that I would like to keep them away from the foods as much as possible.  I know that for Aidan it's barley he gets sick within a very short time, Oen I'm not so sure he had a mixed fruit and he really broke out but I can't figure out which one he was allergic to, Bren is more like everything seems to give him a rash mostly on his face so we will see.

And thats all for today we didn't do that much yesterday was really the best day since we also cleaned up the yard had a sword fight with the foam swords and my brothers used their sticks and homemade wooden sheilds against each other.  They also got out their bows and arrows for a little target practice.  Bri shot some B-ball and Bren tried it was quite comical.  Such a nice day.  Well I hope your doing well have a good night and a great day tomorrow :)


  1. I didn't know u were on a farm!! so cute! sorry to hear abt your camera. I have a spare kodak point & shoot if you want it. I can send to you!! let me know.
    I think those allergy symptoms are quite severe, should be fine to take to get tested. hope they're ok!!

    tell Aidan I say hi. I miss you guys!

  2. That is so nice of you Chaia! I'm so lost without my camera I love taking pictures. Aidan still misses Wa. as do I and I think Bri misses it too. His goal is to finish school and move back up there so fingers crossed! Oh and the letter C is still half a donut for Chaia as Aidan puts it lol.

  3. Aw that brought a tear to my eye!

    I'm rooting for him to finish school! I'm taking classes @ Bellevue college probably going toward ultrasound tech or radiologist. I'll see. haha. well I think I have your address so I can send that camera!!! do you need a memory card too?

  4. I have a memory card thank you :). Bri for awhile thought about being a radiologist they were going to train him at his job but never got around to it lol. I think doing ultrasounds would be fun.


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