Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today in a nutshell

The results of last nights pedometer reading was exactly 7000 steps pretty weird how it was perfectly on the dot.  Tonight so far I am on a mere 3317 I am disappointed but I must give myself slack because I am sick.  I am having a hard time even breathing so moving around today was not on my priorities list.  I can't wait to feel better and get back to my walking I already feel like I am back tracking. 

Brian tried  to fix our van today but the serpentine belt that he was putting on slipped off and got ripped so now we have to get a new one of those and then hope it works.  So still no car.

A couple of days ago Bren fell and hit his head ever since then I have noticed his eye was starting to cross.  It's looking pretty bad.  I noticed when he was a baby that it would turn in slightly and asked the doctor about it but he didn't notice it.  Now with him having hit his head it really turns in and it weirds him out.  I looked up on the net and found some local doctors to call and hopefully they take our insurance.  From what I read it is fixable with therapy, glasses, and sometimes surgery.  So we will see what the doctor's say about it.

Aidan did a lot better with his homework today.  We were done by I think four.  Which is still not good but way better than yesterday.  He gets lazy so I'm hoping to work that out of him.  If any one has any ideas on what to do with a lazy schooler let me know because I could use them.  I would like school to be done looong before four.  Our new word in sign language today was soup.  So as of today he now knows 80 words in sign language.  We played with geoboards and did some more addition flashcards.  He really likes the geoboards so I let him play with them for a long time.  We also did a science experiment with Crisco and ice water to show what insulation does.  He thought it was pretty cool and it tied into the lesson we did on whales recently.  I am really happy with how he's progressing I wish he would remember his numbers by sight a lot better than he does.  Any number over nine is really hard for him to name unless its shown in line with the other numbers.  We are working with flash cards of the numbers and hopefully he will start to get them down. 

Today Bri and I made turkey pot pies for dinner.  He made to crusts from a recipe I found on named Butter Flaky Crust and it turned out really well.  I made I huge pot of the gravy, veggie, turkey mix so that we had to make three pot pies so we will be having left overs tomorrow.

That's it for now have a great day!

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