Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not so Optimistic

My usually positive disposition is fading tonight.  Well more like it began this morning.  We made appointments for hubby and Bren to see a doctor at 10 am.  We were getting ready and meanwhile my mother made her tax appointment for 11 am in the opposite direction by about an hour and a half.  So we called around trying to get a ride to no avail.  So we rescheduled the appointment for 1:30pm.  We rode with my mom to her tax appointment and almost there one of her tires blew out so we pulled into a tire shop across from the tax place and left the car there and my mother at her tax appointment.  We walked over to a restaurant nearby and I sat with the three boys we ordered and waited for my mother after an hour she still hadn't shown up so we ordered for her and got it to go along with her drink.  When we got back to the tax place she still wasn't done and we could see that the car was not done also.  It was 12:20pm there really wasn't a way to get to our doctors yet again.  She finished up and we went to wait on the van by the time it was done and we all piled back into the van it was 1:03pm there wasn't even a prayer.  We drove to my inlaws and called yet again to reschedule.  Our appointment is now at 8am tomorrow the only time available so we will have to leave here by 6:30am tomorrow.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate mornings?  Especially with woken up children?  Well after we did that we went to the post office and I got a new key that didn't work went back in and she had to give me another one I finally got the mail we got some gas and headed home.  The kids were so stir crazy after the restaurant that we never got a break from them until we finally put them to bed early I might say so that hopefully they will be OK in the morning.  So a little while ago we went out to the camper to find the electric would not turn on.  Yeah the cords are melted together making us very lucky that there wasn't an electrical fire!  We now have no place to sleep.  I am feeling worn down and starting to feel depressed about all of the things that have been happening to me recently.  I don't know what I am suppose to be learning from this.  I am willing to learn but with so much going on how am I to focus and figure it all out?  I mean in a few short months I have lost everything but my family which yes is the most important thing of all.  So what am I complaining about?  Just that I want something to start working out I want what lesson I am to be learning to become more clear to me so that I can understand and deal better with my burdens. 

Well I'm logging off I have to find a place to sleep probably on the couch and hubby maybe in my brothers bed but I do have to go to sleep soon because of the early appointments sigh.  Maybe some of you hear my whining and are upset because what you are going through is so much worse let me tell you that  my heart goes out to you and if you leave a comment I will pray for you.

I hope your having a much better time and will have a great day tomorrow :)


  1. man! that sucks. I'm so sorry lady. I know how it is when you keep "landing on hotels" as I call it (monopoly reference) and just wanting a break. but I gotta tell ya, pour your heart out to God. I know it may seem hard but he gears you. Rich & I are struggling financially but everytime I pray a little ray of hope shines in. I will also pray for you guys. just know you aren't alone. you can email or txt me if you like... 4254453935 or just here 2 help. god bless & take care. just remember, when God closes a door, he opens a window. ;) my mom taught me that.

  2. Your mom is a great and wise lady :) thanks Chaia!


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