Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Lot

A lot has happened here in the last few months since I have posted.  My husband was hospitalized and cannot at this time return to work.  He went in the day before Thanksgiving and was not released until the seventh of December.  I swear the holidays went by in a flash and next thing I know here I am trying to peice it all together in what information I am allowed to share and not.
Our anniversary was on the 13th of  December we have now been married for eight years yeay!  We stayed home and had spinach stew which was very yummy even though  I know it sounds weird.  We then got brownies for desert and watched a movie together we tried to toast with some Baileys but we forgot that Bri should not have any alcohol on his medication and he got really dizzy and tired so we went to bed around midnight.  For Christmas my family and I went Caroling with the church here it was a lot of fun they are a fun bunch of people.  Aidan did a good job of knocking on the doors and running back to stand with our pastors wife who is also our Education Coordinator, Kindergarten sunday school teacher, and he just loves her.  Oen loved to sing along sure he didn't know the words but he made the best of it as he hung onto his favorite person our neighbor :)  The community here is awesome they got together and donated presents for my children as well as some friends that sent presents, a gift card, and an update to our favorite video game you all know who you are and I am so thankful to have you in my life!!  Aidan said it was the best christmas ever!  We are working on temporary disabilty for Bri since the doctors say he can't work right now and I totally agree.  Its a process though no one wants to be responsible for the paperwork.  I hope it all works out soon so I can continue to pay my parents rent as we are still living here without hope of moving our anytime soon.  Brian got accepted to AI and is going to start classes online on the tenth he got a good scholarship and applied for the FAFSA so hopefully that all goes through I can't wait for him to get going.  He will be working toward his dream job so hopefully that will lift his spirt some.  New Years was ok we were all so wiped out that we oldies were all falling asleep lol but it was good and I am looking forward to a year that will be better than the last if not in my living situation but in my attitude and in my walk with the lord at the very least.  Here's to a new year that God has given us all :D
Our Thanksgiving meal.

Cherry Pie Gabby made

Dinner after we were done yeah we got full way to fast lol

We went out trecking in the snow to find the perfect tree...this is the one Oen thought would be good lol 
Oen made a snowball out of "clean" snow this dog thought it looked good

So he knocked it out of his hand and ate it...twice

This is the tree we actually got and...someones foot no it is not mine lol.  I love the family tree rather than the fancy tree the beauty is in the mess.

Mom's light up house town behind the fire place

Oen giving Santa his letter at the firehouse he loves Santa although in the picture you wouldn't think so.

Aidan gave him his letter too.

Brennen just kept telling him all about where his family was standing at the moment lol.

My boys all hansomed up the sunday before Christmas

The boys made reindeer antlers see the mess behind them..remnants from Christmas lol

My dad's gingerbread couple like his tie?  We love the green undies my dad swears are pants :P

A picture of me and my new haircut that makes me crazy it was part of my meltdown while Bri was in the hospital now I regret it.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas have a great new year!!


  1. If you need help with the papers you can call me. If you dont have my number email me and I'll give it to you

  2. We are at the point where a doctor needs to just fill out the last page and all she did was sign it so we are waiting for her to fill it out and she is only in once a month so it's going to be awhile. He now has a new doctor that will fill out the paperwork but only after a month of seeing him and deciding for himself that is what should be done so yeah not fun but thank you :)


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