Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days to Live Like it's Your Last: Day 12

Wow.  Today was emotional and tiring!
We showed up and
showed support!
It was beautiful and heartbreaking yet heart strengthening too.
I can't believe how many people showed up!  
This soldier gave his all and we showed up to support and 
give back to his family.
That's what community is about. 
I'm so proud
of our community we really
stepped up.
I have a few pictures I'd like to share there is one that's beautiful of him being 
driven to the church by horse and carriage with
his flag wrapped casket but 
as much as I'd like to share I think it's to personal for the family.
It's what made me tear up.
It made me solemn.
It's a respectful site a sad one but beautiful at the same time.
Dignity and honor come to mind.
He gave all.

Here are some photos that I can share.

My brother and sister's support shirts they made.

My family all ready and waiting at the church. (this is after walking ten blocks oh and I'm taking the picture but I am there and in my red shirt and blue jeans!)  This is my brother, sister, and mother with my three little guys.

The Patriot Guard lined up and ready for action at the church.

The Patriot Guard at the church.

Some Buffalo Soldiers with our leader the woman in the middle she set up this human wall.

The sea of read white and blue.  This went on for quite a ways.  It was a great turn out and many of the mourners thanked us for being there as they walked by.

A poem someone in our group posted.  I think it's appropriate.

I think today we seized life.  Yes it was a bit different but with our breathes we should be thankful for those that have breathed their last protecting us.



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