Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My lack of posting has been kind of a testament to how boring life has been since my move here to NC.  At the holidays we really got out and then just as they were begining to wind down we became sick, really sick.  So our days became home based...and without already having friends or any family here besides us, it became quiet and not very entertaining.  The next thing we knew we had three people working and all needed cars or rides so we began to play a car switching game.  My brother gets the van no contest because he's the driver for two other people at this job.  It was a condition for him getting the job.  My sister and Hubby have to share the little blue car...thats where the fun begins.  They need to work out rides and times between themselves and then any appointments or shopping my mother and I might need he car for.  It gets difficult some days.  So that really ended my socializing and friend making 'sigh'.  I knew we needed a car and fast but money was tight.  Well we got our taxes back and my hubby got a permament job (yay, woot, woot, happy dance) so things were looking up.  All we needed now was a car.  This brings us all the way up to this last Saturday.  We found a car on Craigslist and went to look at it.  I am always nervous but my family talked me into buying it so here it is our Nissan Quest van.

We need a new windsheild...that seems to be a pattern for the used cars we buy lol

This is where the cd player must have been since there are cd buttons...and no player.  Luckily we saved ours from our car in CA so we will just hook that up here.

My radio set up...yes it's a tape player

My miles on it.

The driver's seat.  All the seats in the car are this nice.  The backs of a couple have some spots but I need to steam clean and wash this thing any ways so no big deal.

My favorite part of my van!!  The sun roof...moon roof which ever it is.  Ps it actually opens either by popping open or actually sliding open with a push of a button yay.  Oh and that's a little bit of damage there behind it.  Looks like they attached something there and then removed it.

The sun roof or moon roof?  What is the difference?

The driver's seat :D

The front of the van

The driver's side

Driver's side

The back of my van

More on what's been going on here later as for right now I have to go try on wedding shoes for my sisters wedding.  I'm a bridesmaid :D