Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Put him in a straight jacket and Then Give him an Enema

So as I have mentioned before our horse has been having problems.  He was rolling around and acting strange also so we called in a vet and he came last night around 6 or 7 to give our horse an enema of sorts.  He gave him a tranquilizer and then put his hand up Big Al's butt (yes he had gloves on lol) and confirmed his hard poop.  So he need to have a tube up his nose and then the horse equivalent to puke came out of the tube and then he pumped water into his stomach along with the horse equivalent to Gatorade and something to help get him going again.  He then gave him a shot to help with pain and voila it was over.  So some other problems we need to have checked out is he needs his teeth filed down and he needs to have his hay increased and his grains decreased apparently it's better if they are just on grass hay.  He told us to not give a horse alfalfa here in CA I'm not sure why but that's fine by us and luckily we haven't been.  He also checked out a wound that he came with it's right on his back on his bone where the horn of a saddle rests and said that it's looking OK but if it doesn't heal up in four weeks to bring him in for x-rays  Apparently if it isn't closing up he could have an infection in his bones yikes so keep him in your prayers!   So now today our horse is doing alright and he is returning to normal....bowel movements so yeay.  I could have shown you lovely pictures if I had a camera lol I'm sure your all very happy about it right now lol.

After the horse hubby went with his brother to stay up there for the night and he took the older two boys with him so it's just us girls, Bren, and Nate...poor Nate hehe.  My time has been spent trying to read all the blog posts I've been slacking on.  I am following a ton of  blogs but for awhile I was busy and didn't read them so I got gulp....517 blog posts behind!!!  I'm now below 500 but now by much.  I would stop reading them but it's all so much fun.  It's like sitting with my friends and a cup of tea (I don't drink coffee) and chatting I love it.  However if it doesn't start going faster I'm going to just have google reader start the count down over!

I had a great time at my friends house on Friday we stayed there all day!  I love to watch our children play together it's very refreshing since they all get along. 

I hope your having a great day :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Robots and Puppy Dogs

School went OK today I took some pics on my broken camera because I really couldn't help it I had to have something I haven't checked then out sec I will get them....well they are fuzzy and the lighting is weird Aidan's head is a little odd shaped but not that bad could be worse.  I can't see what I am doing since there isn't even an eye hole on the camera it's basically a point and shoot and hope it got something.

               Aidan with his robot man he made for math.  For some reason he likes to lay by his work whenever I take a picture I really don't know why.

Oen wanted to play with the shapes to so he made a puppy dog it's so cute :)

 I'm glad that the camera actually took the pics :). 

After math Aidan went outside to play for P.E.  He took his dog Sammy with him on a leash and they ran all over the place he even was trying to teach Sam some tricks there's nothing like a boy and his dog.

This is an old picture of Sammy he's full grown so not much has changed except that he's getting a little fat lol so Aidan decided that he needed to get out and play. 

I want to buy an alpaca..yep that's right I really do.  They are so cute and their hair makes the softest yarn.  I found some that super expensive and a few that are super cheap so I emailed a farm to see what the price difference is for.  If it's just the difference in if they are breeders or not then I'm not concerned.  I will let you know what I decide. 

I made a chicken and rice casserole for dinner with sides of stuffing and beets.  It was really tasty.  I also made some sweet potatoes so that I can make a sweet potato pie tomorrow.  We then had a cake for Josh's birthday it was just a small deal because we will wait for my dad to get home to actually celebrate it.  I can't believe he's 18 still man...

I made up a few of my own exercises for Bren I held my hand over his good eye and had him track my finger all around it was only for a few  minutes but it really showed me how slow his eye is.  It takes quite awhile for his eye to find my finger but his good eye tracked it all the way across.  I think that his therapy is going to take awhile but I know that we are up for it.

Our cat got hurt sometime in the last few days (he's an outside cat that sometimes comes in to hang out with us)  he's been missing and came back with a huge wound on one of his legs so we cleaned it with some bactine (as much as the cat would let us) and have been holding him captive in the house which he has a love/hate relationship with.  I hope he gets better he's the only cat I've ever really really liked.  He's super friendly, soft, and really good with the kids.

Well it's late and I have a play date tomorrow so I'll type to you tomorrow have a wonderful day :D

My Brother's Birthday

Today my little brother Josh turned 18!!  I can't believe it!  The time went by so fast I can still see him as the cute little blond toddler with the biggest smile ever.  Oh my I will have this happen to my babies one day!   I can't even see that yet.  Tall dirty blond men is what I think two of them will be and then one regular sized brown haired man.  I so hope they will be wonderful men, real men.  I have my work cut out for me.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH I love you :D.  Thanks for being a great uncle!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Count your Blessings

Last night we ended up sleeping on the floor in the living room on a small mattress it wasn't to terrible.  We woke up at 6am to get ready to leave for Bri and Bren's doctors appointments.  We left by 6:40am and made the drive to the doctors getting there at 7:52am.  We waited for them to open at 8am and then went in to sign in.  We waited in the childrens waiting room and missed being called  several times and had to have our chart put back up several times when Bri decided he had better go sit right next to them to hear us being called (they were saying the wrong name they were calling Brian but when he went up there they said it wasn't him turned out they wanted Brennen then several times later we somehow missed them again and then they called our full name and Brian went and they said 'oh we are going to put your chart back up so what really happened with the names I do not know).  The doctor put Bri on the meds he was taking before since they seemed to help he just changed the dosage around.  He told us that Bren has a lazy eye not a crossed eye so it will be fixable with therapy.  He doesn't want to do glasses because he says it's hard for the kids to keep them on and it slows recovery because the eye doesn't have to work as much when they are on so he's sending him to a specialist for therapy and I will get excersizes to do with him at home.  So yeay thats all good news I am so ready to start doing them now!!!  However it's going to be a few weeks before we hear from the specialist so patience (which I am not good at especially with help right around the corner!).

 After the doctors we went to Target where they sent hubbys perscriptions and we waited around for them to be done.  We bought some fiber bars to snack on because we were all hungry and when we got in the car and were happily snacking away I decided to read the box and discovered that they had barley in them so I had to quickly take it away from Aidan who is very allergic to it he was very sad but vomit is not something I enjoy cleaning up!  We then headed off again this time headed toward Aidans choir performance at an elderly care home. 

On the way we swung by Borders and checked around.  I found a book I want to buy what was the title?  I can't remember!   I was about a perscibing a natural cure to common illnesses.  I looked through and found some really relevant stuff in it and so I'm going to check and see how much it is on Amazon when I actually get money again lol.

 After borders we went to Mcdonalds and used my gift card to get us all lunch and then on to the choir performance.

 We arrived still very early and luckily because this place was huge!  It had so many buildings and no one knew where the concert was.  We ended up going to several of them and asking because the main building had no idea.  We found it at a little after 1pm so we had to wait until 1:30pm to get in.  So we sat in the car with the kids.  Can I just say that an entire day in a car with children and a second day at that is just a struggle on everyones part!  I was so happy to leave hubby there with the other two while Aidan and I ran in to his concert.  It wasn't a long concert only 20 minutes.  By the time we got back to the car Bri was a little frazzled lol but I must say a lot better then he has been on some other days.  I regretted not having a camera at the concert as  I watched other mothers snapping pictures and Aidan looked so good in his white button down shirt and black slacks he really did a good job. 

The second time I regretted not having a camera was on the way home.  I was looking out the window when what did I see....a bald eagle!!!!  We just finished a few weeks ago doing a lapbook about bald eagles and we googled them found a page tracking them and listened to their calls it was awesome!!!  It was sitting in a tree in a pasture with cows milling below.  Aidan was also excited (although who was more excited I can't tell, It's close!)  I believe that was my first sighting yeay!  Darn camera!

 After we got home Bri checked out the camper and found out that it was the extension cord that melted and not the camper cord so yeay and easy fix.  We will need a higher power cord and we are going to have to put in a new plug closer to the camper but I'm counting my blessings today and feeling wonderful!

I also must say that I have a wonderful friend and talked with her today and I feel so blessed to have met her!  I am going over to visit with her on Friday and I can't wait :)

So today was a much better day and I am once again hopeful and I can't wait to get started on therapy for Bren! 

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Not so Optimistic

My usually positive disposition is fading tonight.  Well more like it began this morning.  We made appointments for hubby and Bren to see a doctor at 10 am.  We were getting ready and meanwhile my mother made her tax appointment for 11 am in the opposite direction by about an hour and a half.  So we called around trying to get a ride to no avail.  So we rescheduled the appointment for 1:30pm.  We rode with my mom to her tax appointment and almost there one of her tires blew out so we pulled into a tire shop across from the tax place and left the car there and my mother at her tax appointment.  We walked over to a restaurant nearby and I sat with the three boys we ordered and waited for my mother after an hour she still hadn't shown up so we ordered for her and got it to go along with her drink.  When we got back to the tax place she still wasn't done and we could see that the car was not done also.  It was 12:20pm there really wasn't a way to get to our doctors yet again.  She finished up and we went to wait on the van by the time it was done and we all piled back into the van it was 1:03pm there wasn't even a prayer.  We drove to my inlaws and called yet again to reschedule.  Our appointment is now at 8am tomorrow the only time available so we will have to leave here by 6:30am tomorrow.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate mornings?  Especially with woken up children?  Well after we did that we went to the post office and I got a new key that didn't work went back in and she had to give me another one I finally got the mail we got some gas and headed home.  The kids were so stir crazy after the restaurant that we never got a break from them until we finally put them to bed early I might say so that hopefully they will be OK in the morning.  So a little while ago we went out to the camper to find the electric would not turn on.  Yeah the cords are melted together making us very lucky that there wasn't an electrical fire!  We now have no place to sleep.  I am feeling worn down and starting to feel depressed about all of the things that have been happening to me recently.  I don't know what I am suppose to be learning from this.  I am willing to learn but with so much going on how am I to focus and figure it all out?  I mean in a few short months I have lost everything but my family which yes is the most important thing of all.  So what am I complaining about?  Just that I want something to start working out I want what lesson I am to be learning to become more clear to me so that I can understand and deal better with my burdens. 

Well I'm logging off I have to find a place to sleep probably on the couch and hubby maybe in my brothers bed but I do have to go to sleep soon because of the early appointments sigh.  Maybe some of you hear my whining and are upset because what you are going through is so much worse let me tell you that  my heart goes out to you and if you leave a comment I will pray for you.

I hope your having a much better time and will have a great day tomorrow :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Roses and Horses

A rose from our garden

Ahhh the sunshine was so nice yesterday.  I began with a sweater on as my mother and I began hacking into the roses, we want them to be shorter and less bushy so we have been trimming them a lot, and a little into it the sun warmed me up so well I was down to my t-shirt.  Note to self-do not wear t-shirts to trim rose bushes ouch.  We found some interesting things in the rose bushes.  Mixed with two of them was an old dead tree.  We trimmed the bushes back and then worked the rotting tree out and staked the bushes up they look so much better now!  I checked on my sis's compost and found lots of worms gross and yet yeay!  This however is where I  got upset.  I broke my camera!  I was stirring up the compost to see what was in there and the stick barely tapped my camera sceen and it cracked!  I am so upset.  I am so careful with my camera it is really small yet I keep it in a big cushioned hard carrying case and I only take it out for a few pictures and put it right back but yesterday I was thinking that I really should take more pictures to put on my blog so that I can show you more than tell you what is going on and what I am seeing.  So here I am in big time regret at my thinking.  I have decided that my next camera is going to have to have a back that can close.  my mothers has a screen but you can twist the back and it closes.  That is what I am going to have to go with as this is my second ruined camera.  Wait what?  You might be asking.  Well this is why I was so careful with my camera you see I was at a parade and set my purse next to and kind of under my chair and yet somehow someone managed to step on the screen.  I was very upset and yet had no one to blame but myself for putting my purse on the ground (that was probably disgusting to boot!) so I pouted and got this camera that is now broken too.  So no more pictures for a little while this is where I yet again insert my plea for tax time to come soon as everything is breaking around me lol.               

                                                   A nasty critter by a rose bush

                                                                                                       This is a picture of Baylee
Big Al our new horse was lying down a lot yesterday which I hear is not normal for them so we have been asking around.  We have gotten a list of possible things that could be wrong with him and no assurance that its probablu nothing so we will have to have him checked out.  So the list is that he could be grinding his teeth so much that they are no longer able to chew his food properly so he needs to have them filed down, he could have worms, he could have a blockage of some sort, and he could be stiff.  So lots of fun stuff right?  Our other horse, Bailee, is doing fine her winter coat is nice and thick she looks so fluffy.  Big Al is looking better on that end he finally has a winter coat coming in.  He is still really thin though so my mother got him some horse thickener.  They are telling us that quarter horses are really hard to keep the weight on especially in the winter.  So he now gets three flakes of hay a day, grains with vegetable oil and the thickener.  Hopefully that helps him gain weight and we will be trying the wormer on him also.  The goats are doing fine also.  The baby goat got in Bailee's way (he was trying to eat her hay) and she rolled him with her head and kicked at him he limped for a minute but then seemed fine after that.  She has been getting an attitude since we got Big Al but I think that it's getting better now that he has been here for a little bit.  The chickens are loving the bugs that have been creeping out the past few days with the sunshine.  They are put away at night and then during the day they freely roam about the yard which is usually fine unless they get on the porch and poop all over it then we shoo them away and have to deal with a mess.  I wonder if there is a way to keep them off of it with out hurting them or leaving them locked up I might have to google that one later.

                                                               Momma Goat

Some of our Chickens

I think I have found a spot for my garden I just need to get all the supplies now and get it going soon.

Today hubby and I had a mandatory appointment to go to and we had to pick my sister up at the airport as she just got home from Seattle so we did not get to go into the doctors we are hoping that my mother will let us use her car to go tomorrow.  Bri needs to go in and get his medicines changed around and Bren needs his eyes checked.  We need to make the all the boys an appointment of some sort within the next few days.  Aidan needs to see a dentist for his new teeth that are coming in (his adult teeth) and he also needs to be seen by an eye doctor.  Bren needs to see someone for his eye and get shots (oh joy right).  Oen actually doesn't need anything that I can remember suddenly although I would like to get the boys all tested for food allergies since they seem to have reactions to different things.  I hear that they don't like to test them all that much unless it's severe but I don't know what constituets severe for them.  Oen breaks out in body hives, Aidan vomits, and Bren breaks out in rashes here and there.  So to me they are enough that I would like to keep them away from the foods as much as possible.  I know that for Aidan it's barley he gets sick within a very short time, Oen I'm not so sure he had a mixed fruit and he really broke out but I can't figure out which one he was allergic to, Bren is more like everything seems to give him a rash mostly on his face so we will see.

And thats all for today we didn't do that much yesterday was really the best day since we also cleaned up the yard had a sword fight with the foam swords and my brothers used their sticks and homemade wooden sheilds against each other.  They also got out their bows and arrows for a little target practice.  Bri shot some B-ball and Bren tried it was quite comical.  Such a nice day.  Well I hope your doing well have a good night and a great day tomorrow :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Character and Other Thoughts

Brennen's eye is still crossed what did we expect?  Nothing honestly although there are moments where I wish that bopping him in the head again would make his eye go back to normal.  Tomorrow the doctors will be back and we will go in for a check up and see what can be done about it.  I hope they don't tell me to wait until he's older.  I really believe that the sooner things are done the quicker and better they are fixed.  After all his body is still forming if he needs to do therapy or have the surgery now would be better before he gets it more set.  If they tell me to wait I think I might research some more and see what other doctors say and see if there's anything we can do at home to help it.  They say that it can cause blindness in that eye that is the thing I am most concerned about!

The other boys are doing fine we are all still getting over our colds but I am feeling a lot better today.  I think just a couple more days and I will be out there doing my walks again.  Today my mother wants me to help in the rose garden.  The roses are already blooming and need to be taken care of before they get out of hand.  There are a lot of roses here!  I can't wait for the plums to start growing again I want to make some plum jams and preservatives.  I would like to learn how to can.  I also want to plant a vegetable garden but  I don't know how.  A book I want to get on how to is called 'The Square Foot Garden'.  I'll keep you posted on that.

I can't wait for summer which is a new thing for me I hate to be hot!  I am excited because of all the things I want to do this year.  The gardening, the horses, the chickens might be old enough to start hatching, the roses, the plums, and so much more I really am excited!

I don't know if I mentioned the book Character Matters by Thomas Lickona.  I started reading it a few days ago and I am loving it.  One of the main reasons I am homeschooling is to build my sons character.  I believe that it is the most important part of any person.  What do you have without good character?  I am raising adults not children.  Yes they are children and they play and do childhood things but I am not saying 'oh boys will be boys' or 'oh that's just something kids do' no when they do something wrong or mean I let them know.  We talk about why it was wrong and what I expect of them.  They know what the difference between right and wrong are.  I am reading this book to give me ideas on how to build their character even more and by extension and maybe even more important is how to build my own character.  We are all works in progress and everything I do with my kids I am hoping to learn and implement myself so that I can be a better person.  This book says that the Greeks believed the most important virtue is wisdom because without wisdom how would you know how to use the other virtues?  How would you know what to do when the virtues sometimes contradict each other which does happen?  So I agree.  Wisdom, Lord I pray that I develop more wisdom!  I am a flawed woman.

Well the roses are calling my name!  I need to get busy I have lots to do today!  I hope you have a great day :)

This is the carrot cake my hubby made us last night.  Why?  He felt like it :)  I was so yummy.  He googled best carrot cakes and this one came out on top.  I have to agree it was very yummy!  Probably fattening too but once in awhile is fine. This is the where he got the recipe.  We use often.  I like it better than searching through a bunch of cookbooks.  I even have the app on my ipod. 
 This is Bren with his new crossed eye.  as you can tell it's pretty bad.  It is not all the time though it comes and goes today he doesn't seem to be having as much of a problem with it as he did the past few days.  I hope he can get it fixed an honest bad mommy confession: it freaks me out and is hard to look at.  No I don't love him any less it's just hard to see him struggle and how weirded out he is and on top of everything else it's just something else hard to deal with.  On the scale of what can be wrong with your children we are very lucky and I'm grateful it's not anything worse!  P.S. He is trying to potty train himself so he was in rubber underwear with regular underwear underneath.  He thinks the toilet is the most awesome thing in the world.  I don't think he is developmentally ready because he can't hold it but I don't mind letting him try it out.  His T-shirt says 'I still live with my parents' :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today in a nutshell

The results of last nights pedometer reading was exactly 7000 steps pretty weird how it was perfectly on the dot.  Tonight so far I am on a mere 3317 I am disappointed but I must give myself slack because I am sick.  I am having a hard time even breathing so moving around today was not on my priorities list.  I can't wait to feel better and get back to my walking I already feel like I am back tracking. 

Brian tried  to fix our van today but the serpentine belt that he was putting on slipped off and got ripped so now we have to get a new one of those and then hope it works.  So still no car.

A couple of days ago Bren fell and hit his head ever since then I have noticed his eye was starting to cross.  It's looking pretty bad.  I noticed when he was a baby that it would turn in slightly and asked the doctor about it but he didn't notice it.  Now with him having hit his head it really turns in and it weirds him out.  I looked up on the net and found some local doctors to call and hopefully they take our insurance.  From what I read it is fixable with therapy, glasses, and sometimes surgery.  So we will see what the doctor's say about it.

Aidan did a lot better with his homework today.  We were done by I think four.  Which is still not good but way better than yesterday.  He gets lazy so I'm hoping to work that out of him.  If any one has any ideas on what to do with a lazy schooler let me know because I could use them.  I would like school to be done looong before four.  Our new word in sign language today was soup.  So as of today he now knows 80 words in sign language.  We played with geoboards and did some more addition flashcards.  He really likes the geoboards so I let him play with them for a long time.  We also did a science experiment with Crisco and ice water to show what insulation does.  He thought it was pretty cool and it tied into the lesson we did on whales recently.  I am really happy with how he's progressing I wish he would remember his numbers by sight a lot better than he does.  Any number over nine is really hard for him to name unless its shown in line with the other numbers.  We are working with flash cards of the numbers and hopefully he will start to get them down. 

Today Bri and I made turkey pot pies for dinner.  He made to crusts from a recipe I found on named Butter Flaky Crust and it turned out really well.  I made I huge pot of the gravy, veggie, turkey mix so that we had to make three pot pies so we will be having left overs tomorrow.

That's it for now have a great day!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Lot Can Happen in a Few Days

I was to tired last night to do my blogging.  Why?  You might ask.  Well on our way (our being my hubby and I) our car started to act weird and then the headlights dimmed so I pulled off of the road and it was just in time as our car suddenly died.  We happened to be directly across from a strip club and it was dark out.  Instead of going into the strip club in the middle of nowhere we walked a mile up the road to a pizza shop to use the phone.  We ordered drinks chicken wings and some bread sticks.  It was like a date...a little stressful weird date but still the closest thing we have come to since well I don't remember when.  The pizzaria was about to close so we walked back to the car talking and cracking jokes just being us which it's really been awhile since we could be our adult selves.  We do if you remember live with my family which means that there are children around us all the time so being an adult is not really much of an option. This does not mean that we act like children or anything but we can't joke or talk about things that children should not hear.  We sanitize our mouths constantly.  Anyways back to the story...We sat in the car cracking a few more jokes and eating our bread sticks when my brother in law showed up with a new battery and tools.  We quickly fixed the car and headed home as the battery light was still blinking on and off which we took to mean that our altinator is going bad.  So my two mile walk mixed with my Wii Fit that I did in the morning I took over 10,000 steps..thats right 10,000 I am beyond happy about that!  Well that was until this morning when even the tops of my feet hurt and my cold was a lot worse so that I am struggling even more to breathe but one must still be happy that what we have done counted for something right?  So today even without my walk or Wii Fit I have taken 6667 steps and I haven't even finished my night yet.  I will post the full results tomorrow when I blog again. 
              Picture of my steps that I took my first time getting the recommended 10000 steps a day yeay!!

Picture of the cake Bri made for my sis.  He used applesauce instead of oil in the cake it was so moist.  The frosting is made out of low fat cream cheese and confectioners sugar.

                    These are the cookies my dad decorated for Christmas see the gingerbreadman's tie?  So cute.
We were working on Aidan's reading skills we used the tiles to make sentences in the corner thats the puzzle I am still working on yes since Christmas it's a hard puzzle.

Have I mentioned that the washer went out?  We were in the middle of washing a load when it died and so I spent a lot time trying to get the clothes to dry we hung them on the ladder and other places around the garage where the washing machine is.  We were trying to save on the drier as the clothes were so sopping wet it was like watching a mini waterfall cascading down them onto the floor.  We put laundry baskets below them to catch the water and two days later they were still dripping  I put them in the dryer little by little until they were all dry.  Today my hubby brought home a washer that a friend of ours was saving for us when we were suppose to get our house that fell through which is a very nice thing and we are grateful for!  It has a few bugs but we are learning how to use it and have already washed a load thank goodness as the laundry has been piling up with twelve people living here.  The part for my parents washer is going to arrive on the twenty-fourth so that they can have their washer back.

Tonight for dinner we had left overs of a concoction that my hubby made it was noodles, white sauce, cheese sauce, broccoli, and cubed turkey all mixed together.  It was a fast easy to make dinner for when no one wants to cook (and that's for both nights!). 

Tonight we watched Tuesdays With Morrie.  I read the book some time ago and saw the movie on Netflicks so I had to order it.  I like the movie it's not a great make or anything but the truest words you'll ever hear are in it and some of them just might touch you it's touched me that's for sure.  It makes me wish that I had known him and had heard his words of life.  I don't believe a book or movie can make it as real for me as if I had been there.  I'm sure that's even more true for Mitch.  I must thank Mitch for sharing such a personal time with his teacher with all of us.  I believe we will all be a little better off having even that slight taste of what Morrie was like.

School was hard on us today Aidan was having a tough time of it and so we did not make it through all of the subjects and things I had planned for us.  It was also a tough night he went to bed crying and I was so glad he was in bed I am hoping that tomorrow will be a much better day for us.  I don't think he is getting enough sleep at night and I don't know how to fix that.  There are some diet changes I would like to make after listening to a webinar on attention and behavior issues and how they are diet related.  The woman who gave the webinar is Dianne Craft and she said so many things that just made sense I would really like to try the diet.  It's going to be a little hard while living here but I think it is worth it I'll let you know if we do try it or decide to wait one day or another I really would like to try it. 

I have been reading the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families by Stephen R. Covey.  I am on the second habit and let me tell you every thing he says makes so much sense.  It should all be common sense to us and I think once upon a time it was but we have lost the ability to listen, love, and really be effective families anymore.  I can't wait to read more and apply them I can't wait to see the results in my family.  Just another thing to keep you all posted on right?

Since I am working on my family I figured the most important part of it was my marriage so I am also reading 15 Minutes to Build a Stronger Marriage by Myron Yagel and Bobbie Yagel.  Our first assignment was to spend a week saying I love you three times a day not hard for me to do.  The second week we were suppose to spend time looking at each other I have failed this I have not passed it yet and we are two weeks into the second week.  I really need to step this one up as you can tell.  So these few days  I am going to try to step it up!

I think thats enough for now a lot can happen in a few days thats why we should never take them for granted no matter what hard things come our way.  I know I blog a lot and things always seem to be going wrong for me which is true but I try to stay positive sometimes I get upset but my overview is always on what I am going to learn from whats happening.  So heres to your lessons in life may you always be striving for the positive side of them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Working at it

Recent things have not been very exciting whats new right lol.  So the camper we are living in is apparently leaking up by our bed oh joy some things got ruined but at least we realized it quickly and not when we were covered up to our eyeballs in mold.  The little bit of mold that we did find we kills with a steam cleaner, lysol and bleach. 

I have been going for walks almost everyday since the 31st of December.  I have missed only three days and decided that Saturdays and Sundays are going to be my days off.  They say that you need to take some off so that your muscles have time to repair themselves so I now have an excuse lol.  I began wearing a pedometer this week.  My first day I logged a little over 5000 steps, second day was 4897 steps, and now today I have no clue...why?  Because my pedometer reset itself twice.  I know that it was almost 5000 steps then it reset then I had another 500 something steps and it reset then I walked another 25 steps realized it and took the darn thing off.  So Tomorrow I will retry it and hopefully it will be in a better spot so that it will not reset or I will be throwing the thing across the room.  If it goes back to working I will be recording the steps I take everyday in order to see how much moving I am actually doing.  Did you know that you are suppose to walk 10000 steps a day?  I am a little behind even though I have been going for my walk.  I am begining to think that I would need a job outside of the home to gain that many steps seeing as how normal household stuff and parenting are not getting me enough steps.  Or there is the other possibily that I still need to do more around the house and maybe go outside with the kids once in awhile...yes I do not like to go's cold and dirty lol. 

Today I did go out and feed the horses some peppermint horse treats which they loved the goats did not like them so more for the horses lol.  Big Al is a little mad at us right now we haven't had him long at all so he is still building trust with us.  The reason he is mad is because he had a sore from his blanket rubbing on his backbone where the horn of a saddle would sit and so Jolene put some iodine on it.  He did not like it at all.  Its going to be a while before anyone gets to ride him so he can let that heal and gain some more trust with us.  As for the blanket it won't be going back on him for a while.  It's interesting how he does not have a winter coat where as Bailee has a huge coat and looks really shaggy and warm.  We are hoping that with out the blanket he will develop a coat but I'm not sure if it's the type of horse he is or the fact of where he was living and having a blanket on all the time while there.  Either way we will see.

Brian is going to school he is begining his second week and just received one of his programs from the school today so hopefully tomorrow he can play around with it a bit.  I am happy for him he is working toward his dream job.  The schooling is stressful so far and with him being ill so I hope he can keep it up.

As a last note we all have a cold here in some state of entry or recovery so we have been going through tissues like mad I wonder if we should do a study of where all that mucous comes from Aidan might find it interesting as I gag yuck.  Homeschooling is going well we are not good about doing math as we are really bored with our Saxon curriculum but have been encouraged to keep at it because it gets better...the year however is half over and we are barely into the book because it is so boring.  I know that it works for some families but for us it's not moving fast enough and has a lot of extras that we don't need so I have to read through the teachers book subtracts a lot of dialogue since it is scripted and then finally we can begin and then we are only using a little bit of the lesson.  So I will not be using it next year if anyone has any ideas of what would be a good math subtitute for first grade or knows of some great curriculum let me know please!
I am also looking for a new Character building lesson book.  I really want to build good character into my sons so that they can be men of real worth.  He is reading now woot!  woot!  It's about time.  He still has a long way to go but I am so pleased with the progress we tried reading last year at it was like pulling teeth.  We are liking the new books we have.

Thats about it for now :)

Hope you are having a great week!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Lot

A lot has happened here in the last few months since I have posted.  My husband was hospitalized and cannot at this time return to work.  He went in the day before Thanksgiving and was not released until the seventh of December.  I swear the holidays went by in a flash and next thing I know here I am trying to peice it all together in what information I am allowed to share and not.
Our anniversary was on the 13th of  December we have now been married for eight years yeay!  We stayed home and had spinach stew which was very yummy even though  I know it sounds weird.  We then got brownies for desert and watched a movie together we tried to toast with some Baileys but we forgot that Bri should not have any alcohol on his medication and he got really dizzy and tired so we went to bed around midnight.  For Christmas my family and I went Caroling with the church here it was a lot of fun they are a fun bunch of people.  Aidan did a good job of knocking on the doors and running back to stand with our pastors wife who is also our Education Coordinator, Kindergarten sunday school teacher, and he just loves her.  Oen loved to sing along sure he didn't know the words but he made the best of it as he hung onto his favorite person our neighbor :)  The community here is awesome they got together and donated presents for my children as well as some friends that sent presents, a gift card, and an update to our favorite video game you all know who you are and I am so thankful to have you in my life!!  Aidan said it was the best christmas ever!  We are working on temporary disabilty for Bri since the doctors say he can't work right now and I totally agree.  Its a process though no one wants to be responsible for the paperwork.  I hope it all works out soon so I can continue to pay my parents rent as we are still living here without hope of moving our anytime soon.  Brian got accepted to AI and is going to start classes online on the tenth he got a good scholarship and applied for the FAFSA so hopefully that all goes through I can't wait for him to get going.  He will be working toward his dream job so hopefully that will lift his spirt some.  New Years was ok we were all so wiped out that we oldies were all falling asleep lol but it was good and I am looking forward to a year that will be better than the last if not in my living situation but in my attitude and in my walk with the lord at the very least.  Here's to a new year that God has given us all :D
Our Thanksgiving meal.