Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sister's wedding and our own home

Time is just flying by me. I can't believe how fast it has sped up in such a short time. Last month my mom and I took my three boys to Seattle for my sisters wedding. We went a week early to help her with some final things. Flying with the boys went well. They were really good and no ear problems at all. I brought along Brens machine and I'm really glad I did because he needed it a few times while we were there. The wedding itself was beautiful and I am so happy for my little sister. I believe that she really has found her other half. My sisters and I sung Johnny and June for them at the reception which was scary and a mess but the meaning was important since it's a song that she loved. I got to see my best friend in Wa and we got a little hanging out done we really wished it could have been for a longer period of time but weddings are busy. I really liked meeting her son and niece they are both so cute.

Ok so now for the huge news: we have our own place! Ok well not yet but our move in date is for May 1st yay! It's a trailer but hey it's a stepping stone in the right direction. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a deck, a firepit, a large yard, it's a little secluded, it's three miles from the beach, it's closer to my church, MOPS, and bible studies, and it's affordable yay again! Oh and they allow our pets. I can't wait. This does mean I need to pack again but it's worth it I'm going to be alone with my family again. I'm going to have my own room with just my husband and my own kitchen the boys get their own room I'm so excited I just can't stop wanting to bounce around! Ok I need to breathe lol. Isn't God good? He heard my small cries...ok my loud begging and whining which was probably like a mosquito or fly buzzing in his ear lol, anyways he heard me and he provided. The people I will be renting from are very sweet and their daughter homeschools and is in my group. They also are Christians woot. I can't wait!