Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've announced it every where but here now so here it goes We are Expecting!!!!
So I've known now for about a little over two weeks and we are
thinking that I am two months along
and we are in a 
state of shock. 
Yes we know how babies are made and such but we really didn't 
plan for this or expect it.
This will be our fourth baby and I'm honestly hoping for a girl because I have three boys
already and I'm a little over run lol.  Have you seen all
the cute girl clothes and the little headbands and bows not to mention the shoes.
The truth though is that I would take another boy willingly.
I have saved my sons clothing just in case and while looking through
it the other day I was imagining another little boy in them and I got a little excited.
You see with the shock it's been really hard to get on board with it
I've taken to talking about being a pregnant person more
often than I have before because I'm trying to get the idea of it all to stick.
'Hey the pregnant mom gets all the pickles off the burgers so lay off'  was what the
joke was yesterday as my two youngest handed up their pickles and Mr. A tried to eat them lol.  

The morning sickness right now is kicking my butt.  I hate feeling this way all day.
I've also started watching a one year old which I get between six thirty and seven in the morning until two thirty when we pick his five year old sister up from preschool
and then I take them home for about an hour and a half to two hours when their mom gets out of work 
and picks them up.
This along with the pregnancy tiredness is making me extra tired.  By the time the kids go home
I just crash out for a bit on the couch resting or I take a shower to recoup.
It's gotten easier since I started and I can't 
wait for the first trimester to be over so I can have my energy back.
The great thing is that the one year old is a really good kid.
He's so sweet and honestly quiet.
He does like me to hold him a lot so my cleaning really doesn't get done until weird random times 
but that's ok it's all a season right?

Well there you go now you know what's been going on with us here :)
after my first doctor's appointment I'll let you 
all know my due date and other information.  
Have a great day!



  1. I guess the babysitting is prepping you for #4!!!

    Again, I am so super excited for you guys. God obviously thinks very highly of your parenting abilities and knows that you guys will be just fine!

  2. Thank you Lisa :) I really do think watching him is prepping all of us and so far my boys love having him here pumpkin gets sad when he has to go home and was so excited to find out that ours will get to stay with us.


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