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Sun Kissed Sky
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Math Rider a Learning Game

I got a chance this month to review a learning game from Math Rider.  Mr A is still working on his addition and subtraction because he really needs to work on his speed.  When I saw this review come up I really thought it would help him pick up his speed and it worked!

Let me tell you more about the game.  You can actually sign up more than one user up to 8 on one license.  I have three signed up which is just myself, Mr. A, and Monkey but Monkey didn't try the game out because once I tried it I realized that he's just not ready for it.  The game works on the basic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for number 0-12.

We worked through the addition so that we could improve his speed in that.  Math Riders starts off with a story of a young boy who's mother is sick with the addition flu.  The only way to cure his mother is to go off to the math lands and get a flower that will make her better.  You go off on your horse to save your mother.  The math problems are actually jumps for the horse and each jump has a new problem on it.  You quickly type in the answer and hit enter (which is a little harder on a laptop than I thought it would be for a nine year old oops) It took Mr. A a little while to get used to the number locations so at first I thought it wouldn't work out but then the more he tried it the better he got and his speed increased.  After you finish the first round of questions you get to see the map progression.  After several rounds you get to the flower and pop back to your own home where you heal your mother but wait that's not it.  You didn't get the master flower so you need to go back or she could get sick again.  The point is to get to the mastery level of addition with your timing and practice then your mother will be healed for good.

Aside from the fact that I love the fact that it increases speed my favorite part of the game is that it tracks the information.  So I signed into Mr. A's account and I clicked on statistics at the top you click with operation you want to look under so I click on addition and right there it shows me how well he knows the different problems.  It really was good information for me.  It also shows me where he was when he started out and where he is now.  There is also a colored area where it shows me his mastery level.  

Okay so this is where I have to admit that I also played the game (bet you guessed that since I said I made myself an account lol) anyways I tried it out and honestly I started out with addition too and I really needed to work on my timing.  It was fun though and much better than going through flashcards for sure!

The age group for the game is second through sixth or 6-12 years old.  It does not require an Internet connection for playing.

Here is the link where you can see if you have the system requirements.

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