Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beautiful Weather and More

Since we have been down with Influenza for the last month and
 haven't even really left the house, it's been really nice to have 
the great weather the last few days.  
The boys have been outside so much and at first it took me a bit to 
push them out there but now they beg to go out
so I'm very happy with that.
I think we need a bigger sandbox lol!
Pumpkin's favorite thing is his sandbox in the backyard. 
The other two will swing for the whole time and there's Pumpkin in the sandbox.
He's also the one that gets the most excited when we go
to the beach.

Just before we got sick Mr A had a Scout camp that we attended and here are 
some pictures from that.
Monkey watching the fire

Pumpkin getting Kool-Aid
Monkey still by the fire

I'm being beckoned over.

Some camp sites.

Pumpkin really wants to go into the tents
They are over there cooking

Mr. A making pancakes an a tin can

The pancakes are looking good.

Now for the taste test yum!

Mr A by the fire.

Some of the boys crossed over into Boy Scouts.

The moon

and then I zoomed in on it so beautiful

And now for some photos of my parents house all finished.  
My mom's curtains.

The flooring to the back wall.  I don't know why the wall looks dark yellow or tan
It's actually so pale of a yellow it almost looks white so that's a weird trick there.

The wood looking tiles.  We really love these.  The grout is actually black I think this 
is just another light trick.

The kitchen floor and the family dog.

The wood tiles again

My mom's boat she bought of Craigslist and loves.

The counter tops we made and the back splash

The downstairs bathroom.

Downstairs bathroom still

The stuff in the bathroom lol.

That's all I have for you now which is pretty much all I just need
to take some pictures of the upstairs bathrooms.

Yesterday we went to the park and stayed there for two hours
it was a lot of fun.
I have only one picture though because the park we went to isn't really picture friendly
unless your standing on top of your child so I leave you with
Monkey swinging dirty feet and all :) I guess his flip flops don't work on the swing
Mr A and Monkey kept kicking them off every time
they got on the swings.

Well the kids really want to start their school so they can head outside so have a beautiful day!


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