Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Been Beautiful Here

I have been busily taking pictures of everything I set my eyes on (for those of you that know me this is no surprise to you lol)  I am still so happy with my camera and take it everywhere with me.  So here are some new picture updates :)  I hope you enjoy them.
Mr. A and Monkey love their swing set.  The hose on the ground goes down to the horses so no one has to lug the buckets up and down.  We need to relocate it out from under the swing though so no one trips.  You love Monkey's mop?  He needs another hair cut it's starting to go curly again.

Pumpkin learned how to make the glider go all by himself he was so excited.

This is a bunny my sister saved from the cat.  It didn't make it :( can you see how small he was?  He was so cute we really hoped he would live he didn't seem to have to many injuries sometimes I hate cats.

Aren't these birds beautiful?  I caught them feeding something in the little holes in our roof.  I can't wait to see the babies :)  I love the zoom on my lens :)

This is out our front window.  You can only see the mountain on really clear days.

Some more mountains out our front window that are only visible on clear days

A pretty sunset.

My handsome Monkey while we waited for Mr. A at opening day for Little League.

He found himself a pine cone he said he'd keep it forever but forgot it in the back of our friends van when we snacked with them lol he was very upset when he remembered.

A close up of Monkey.  He really needs a haircut lol.

Monkey loves bugs.  He even kissed a millipede.  Here is his worm friend that started to not look so well so told him to go put him back.  Monkey cried for awhile he wanted to keep him forever.  I found him a Roley poly instead.

Here is his Roley poly.  He was so excited that it rolled into a ball he wanted to see if it would roll on the table.

It does not roll on the table lol.  It crawls.  He picked it up and it rolled right down his hand and onto the ground never to be seen again although he made us search for a long time.  I'd post more pictures of Little League but I realized all of the ones of Mr. A have another persons child in them so I can't post them.  This one below is as close as I could get.  I have no idea what he's doing with his neck lol.

On the ride home from Little League we saw this beautiful waterfall.

Isn't this beautiful another sunset here.

Same sunset

This is a sunrise here. Yes can you believe it I actually got up before the sun!  hehe

Same sunrise.

Same sunrise zoomed out

Pumpkin riding Bailee this morning

Pumpkin you got Big Al?  Hehe how well do you think he's got him?  He is still so thin since we got him but he is looking so much better and his wounds have healed so they are now starting to saddle and ride him.  He is so happy as an ex-racehorse to be running again and he doesn't spook at all.

Mr A has Bailee.  That's my sister brushing her down.  Bailee looks so much better since we got her too.

It's a man's job someone has to do it.  Good going Mr A put it in the compost like we learned.

Pumpkins got Pneumonia he got tired out quick so we brought him in for a nap.

I just thought this old barn looking interesting

This is our drive into town pretty isn't it?

Some more pictures of our drive.

I love this wall

Isn't it neat looking.

Nice sign next to the crumbly wall lol.

More pictures from the drive it was a beautiful day.

Can you believe how green this grass is?  It looked like a coloring picture.

I just thought this one was interesting.

Well that's what has been going on here.  I really hope Pumpkin gets better soon he hasn't eaten much of anything in six days now.  I did get him to eat half a bagel this morning with cream cheese yeay.  I have been measuring how much he's drinking and he's only had about six ounces of water today so I hope to get some more in him.  He's a stubborn one.  I hope you are all doing well out there.  Have a great day :)