Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days to Live Like it's Your last: Day 13

Today was a free family fun day at a local historical mansion and so we brought our children there. The children had a great time too. Our favorite was in the kitchen with a nice women talking with us as giving a historical reenactment of The slaves that live at 
I took several pictures that I will post up tomorrow but tonight I'm too tired I've fallen asleep several times already. I just wanted to bless you tonight!


Pumpkin making his stick and leaf puppet.

Pumpkin and Mr A. making their stick and leaf puppets 

Monkey looking at a picture of the mansion in the butlers pantry and informal dining area.

Butler's pantry.  This is our tour guide.

Picture of the mansion inside one of the rooms.

Fire place inside the more formal dining room

This is our reenactment lady.  She was portraying Sarah the head slave.  She was a lot of fun and full of information and spunk.  Mr. A is off to the right in this picture he had a lot of questions for her.

'Sarah' again.

The stove in the kitchen.  She said it was unusual to have the kitchen in the house so it was nice.  However the stove is a smaller one than was originally in the house.  The one that used to be in there was a hotel sized one.  They had nine kids and Their slaves to feed they needed a big stove.

Brown package is how the sugar used to come

White pillar is the opened sugar and they would scrape the sugar off of it.

Mr. A and Monkey checking out the stuff on the table and the kitchen tools in the background with the grain bowl.

Chandelier in the Main living room

Mirrors in the main living room.  These are originals they were to heavy for removal and so the family and the soldiers all left it.

Even the tops of the windows matched the chandeliers and the mirror.

Almost full length of the living room which had two mirrors, two chandeliers, and two fireplaces.

Door knob to the living room.  I really liked it.

Picture of the doctor who owned this house.

Stairs on the porch there is a set to each floor of the porches. 

Pocket windows are through out the house as a form of air conditioning they have the windows and ducts in the walls that led up the house to the very top which you will see.  On a hot day it stays 80 degrees in there which is tolerable before ac came on the scene.  Now a days they have ac in the house.  The windows are big enough to step out on to the porch with just a tiny duck for me.

Angels on the chandelier in the upstairs bedroom.

The chandelier with the angels

A wheelchair of the time period.

Nice toilet seat huh?

A view of the slave quarters from the fourth floor also known as the children's floor.

This is the very top of the house it's the window spot you can see in the house pictures.  This is where the ducts led out too to help cool the house.  The stairs to it are on the children's floor.
 This is where the family wanted to keep the trunks on the children's floor.  Well the children decided it was a stage and built stairs to it from the carriage building.  Sounds like fun to me :D
An example of the children's room.

The flooring on the second floor or main floor.

We had a lot of fun learning about the house and the time period.  We really enjoyed 'Sarah'.  I would say this was a worth while visit.  If you'd like to visit I'll leave you with the website so you can go read up on it and plan a trip.

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