Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update and Pictures

I am sorry that I dissappeared.  Things have been going crazy around here.  We did not get that trailer I was talking about in my last posting.  A week before move in they pulled out because they did not actuallly own the property but their son-inlaw did and for some reason they decided to sell instead of rent.  We were crushed.  We started looking at craigslist and came across a few we called on and one of them was particularily interesting.  My husband called and talked to the landlord on the phone for quite awhile and were going to look at it the next evening after my husband got out of work. 

The next day my mom and I were sitting around thinking about the house and decided we should drive by the neighborhood and see how it was.  Once in the neighborhood we decided to drive by the house (you see where this is going right?).  Once by the house we thought maybe we could peek into the windows as we pulled up we noticed that the door was open so we went right up and there was the landlord.  They were finishing some painting and things but showed us around and we loved the place.  I told him that I really liked it next thing I knew he was pulling out the paperwork and telling me where to sign as my mom was saying she'd write a check for the amount of the deposit and I could pay her back when Hubby got out of work since it was payday.  A lady walked in and we found out she'd been there everyday that week trying to get it.  She even brought cash.  We had swooped in on her (sorry!).  I signed then even though I knew I should have waited for my hubby but we would have lost it to her if I hadn't.  Hubby was a little upset with that but once he saw the house he forgave me.  We really needed it.  Living in a four bedroom house with eleven people is a bit much.

We moved in a few days later and love it!  There are some problems.  We have a bug problem with both roaches and fleas we are in battle mode and I've had them out to replace the bathroom floor since it was sinking in.  Our dog also got out of our fence somehow and was missing for few agonizing days.  Some people had saved her from a car on the busy road in front of our house and then a few days later turned her in to the pound.  We are so happy to have her home!!

Things have been a little tight around here.  That first payment we made left us barely any money for gas and it was only the deposit.  The next paycheck was our rent and again barely any money for gas.  This last paycheck was once again the rent with barely any money for gas.  Our car started making a lot of noise so we had to fix it.  Sunday we took it apart and found that our driveline, bearing, and some other part needed to be replaced.  My parents helped us and my brother and husband spent two days fixing it.  I can't wait for things to normalize.

I'll be posting some more later. Until then here are some pictures for you to enjoy :D

Our Kitchen

Beautiful moon the night before the Super Moon

Pumpkin at the beach

Here's my little Monkey

The shells along the shore

Beautiful waves

More shells on the seashore

Sand Angels from Pumpkin

See the little sand crab? At least that's what we think they are

Sand crab again

sand crab

sand crab upside down

lots of sand crabs

Uncle buried Pumpkin in the sand

Looks like trouble is brewing

Mount Nephewmoore

Beautiful sunset

The sunset kissed clouds over the ocean to leave you with.  How awesome is our God?