Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Friday, August 19, 2011

North Carolina

So some interesting news we are moving to North Carolina!!  Shocking for us for sure.  It all began last Sunday my brother was taking a shower and God spoke to him....what that sounds kooky?  Well it's the truth.  He felt that God was telling him that the family needed to move to North Carolina...he also told my brother to read John chapters 4 and 5.  We went to church without him saying a word about NC but telling us about the chapters he read.  The sermon that morning was on John chapter 4 and 5....weird we all know.  Josh has never talked about God telling him things before this is all after he went to a christian camp for a week and it was there that God began the work in him and began telling him what He wanted with Josh's life.  So after church Josh announced to my family that they were to move to NC.  It was the first state that my family heard and were open too.  For the past couple of weeks they were talking about moving but nothing at all appealed to them and they didn't act on anything.  My mom said 'really North Carolina?  Hmm'  We began researching it and looking at the houses, jobs, areas, crime, and weather.  It all looked so appealing beside what did they have to lose?  The next day my mom asked my husband what we planned on doing since we live with them.  I said I don't know we'll figure something out.  It was on Tuesday that my mom asked if we were going to come with them or not and my husband said yes.  We hadn't really talked about it together at all.  I had thought for sure he would say no as a California born and raised never really left the state except to WA and Ne so yeah I was surprised.  The next few days were me asking him over and over if he was sure and he said yes there was nothing to hold him back and maybe there we could finally improve on our lives.  So my mom told my dad and he told his boss and the date was set for Dec 3rd to later be moved down to Nov 4.  On Thursday we went and cleaned out our storage it took us all day we didn't get home until after midnight but we were done and down to about 1/3 the stuff we had before we began.  The next day we began packing our house....why you ask?  Because someone was already interested in coming to look at it and wanted to be here on  I know.  So within those few days we had my families house packed.   All thats left here is the basics of everyday life and enough homeschooling stuff for the two boys for the next two months....the problem is now we don't really know what to do with ourselves....the house stays pretty clean....hmmmm.   Yes so now we have two months and not much to do lol.  Anyways a man came and looked at our house and loved it....only problem was he was one man and there is a lot of house here.  He couldn't believe that 12 people live here even though the realtor kept telling him it was the truth.  He was going to ask his brother to come live with him here if he got the house and we are still waiting to find out what is going to happen with that.  Meanwhile we are waiting for more potential buyers and trying to find homes for our animals (anyone near us need to cute outdoor cats?  Or a momma goat?  Or a purebred male Shitzu?  How about to horses?  One is older and needs his teeth floated the other is a bout 12)  Anyways....I am so excited and although I was nervous as a little dog at first I am now calm and excited....can we move already?
This post is written with just some quick thoughts on the loss of my uncles I did not write to deeply because I had written out a great and long post just after the funeral and it was erased never to be seen again.  I also believe that most of a funerals going ons are private and not for display but I wanted to acknowledge the loss and my feelings see here is my quick run down of my loss.

I lost my Uncle Dean and it was awful.  I went to Michigan to his funeral at the end of June.  I was a three day race to get there before the funeral.  We stopped one night and slept for three hours the next night we slept for one and then we were off again.  We arrived exhausted and yet still ready to see our family.  It was an emotion roller coaster ride.  I was so happy to be seeing my family that I hadn't seen in so long and yet so sad to have to say good bye to my uncle who was so young.  He was only 54.  This was all coming on the heels of losing my other Uncle Dean who died in a motorcycle crash a few years ago.  I wasn't able to go to his funeral because of money and I have regretted it ever since.  I felt the holes as I looked about my family and in a depressed manner wondered at who would be gone before I got to see them again.  Although I know that our family has not always gotten along with each other or seen eye to eye on lots of things I do know that I love them and I do want to spend some more time with them.  I looked at all my cousins and aunts children and wished that I knew them and felt comfortable around them.  When I say roller coaster that's what I mean.  There didn't seem to be a let up of emotional changes.  The actual funeral was the worst I could not stop crying all I could think of was what it was doing to his family and what they were all going to do.  You can't fill a whole that's as big as a family member it'll always be there even when the edges get softer it's still there.  I watched my cousins children sob and cried for them too.  They are going to miss their grandpa and previously I had never really thought to much on how it would affect them I should have.  The loss of both of my uncle's is not a small one they were great men and deeply loved.  I was blessed for having had them while I did and wished that I could have spent more time with them.  May you both rest in peace and I hope to see you on the other side.