Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've been dreaming of like this!!

Ok so I am extremely happy because....yep I have a camera!!!!  I finally just went online and bought it since no stores had one in.  The camera is a canon powershot sx30 woot.  It's big but it works great!
Canon PowerShot SX30-IS Black 14.1MP Digital Camera w/ 35x Optical Zoom, 2.7" Vari-Angle LCD Display
So I have been taking a lot of pictures thought I would share some with you here.
Pumpkin is playing one of the file folder games.  This one has cards that have either a fruit or a vegetable and they have to sort them into the right buckets.  He of course is not that good at it but he has fun sliding them in and out of the buckets and with time he will figure it out.  All of these games I found online at different sites I saved the list and will give credit later since it's on my other computer.

Monkey loves this game.  This file folder game is actually two in one.  Since they had the same animal pictures I just put them together.  For the younger children they have the magnifying glass to look at the tiny pictures and match them with the larger ones.  For Mr A there are cards with the names of the animals and he has to match them up (he also loves to do the magnifying) I really need to get a set of small flat magnifiers they would fit in the folder and be easier to carry around with us.

Mr A playing the Dino Bones file folder game.  In this one the bones have addition and subtraction problems on them.  After he figures out the answer he has to count the dots on the dinosaurs to find the match.

Here is Mr. A practicing with the Tag reader.  We love our Tag reader!

These are the bird houses I have been talking about but unable to take pictures of.  They are so cute.  I need to put new sticks in them but otherwise they are holding up well.  I did take them down off the tree while we where having the crazy weather but they are now back out there.  We've had a few friends visit us already.

This is a cloud that came by one day me and the boys thought it looked like a gingerbread girl :)

I was tired of the toys being in a laundry basket so I bought this to corral them all better.  You wouldn't believe how many toys are in this thing!  Of course I have them all organized by type lol.  I bought two more drawers (I had grabbed single cream bags instead of the double like with the brown ones) to make the pattern look right and fill the empty spaces.  I also got a short cream basket to go on top to hold random toys like the large cars.  I am so happy that I did this and so are the kids when they go to find one of their toys it's not so hard to find them.  (oh and the birthday bag is gone to lol)

Mr. A and Monkey at Pizza Hut.  Mr. A has been doing Book-It the reading program put on by Pizza Hut so we took him in for his reward...A personal pizza just for him!  We had a lot of fun and the pizza we got was delicious.

Aww brotherly love!

This is one of the square foot gardens...again the measurements are wrong lol but they work.  We still have not built the lids but the cage is working for now.

Some or our veggies I can't wait to eat them!

Here is our herbs and pepper one.

This is a tree in the far out backyard I think it looks so cool.

Two little birdy friends that our making nests in our carport.  They only look innocent right now lol.

This is our plum tree in the front yard you can also see the area we run the horses in to the right and the chicken coop in the left but just a little.

We don't really know what the red berries are that grow on this least I don't remember.

My sisters pet bunny.

Mr. A dumping his compost into the bin.  Like his cowboy boots?  He also dressed himself lol.

Here he is stirring it with a stick.

We rehung the bird houses since the storm seems to be behind us now.

This is the boys swing they got for their birthday. The basketball hoop is laying down because again the storm was knocking it down too,

A picture of the sky it looked pretty cool.

This is a close up of the same picture above.

Here I am finally a new picture :)

Well I hope you enjoyed the updates and there are more coming :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's been busy but not much to report

I'm still working on getting a camera it's been a hard choice.  I've been to a couple of stores and so far there is nothing that I am comfortable with.  I am getting to the dangerous point of buying the next camera that I see.  Why?  Well because I have been doing so many things and I really wish to have a picture of it all!!  Like the day I saw my first coyote, when Pumpkin smashed his finger in the car door, when Pumpkin got his glasses, and many other moments that are zooming by me without being recorded ahhh!  Ok I've just almost talked myself into that first camera I see thing!  Tomorrow I will be going to town and definitely shopping around for one because Mr. A's birthday is on Saturday!  We are have a pirate themed party and he's so excited.  Sadly there probably won't be any of his friends there they have all but one said that they couldn't come so we'll see.  Whether or not anyone comes we will have a great time.  I bought the boys some swords, eye patches, handkerchiefs for their heads, compasses, and shhh it's a secret but I got Mr A a treasure chest :)  He will get to paint it himself it's the size of a basket ball so it's lightweight I figure he can put all his little treasures in it (boys always have some sort of treasure).

Have I told you yet about Pumpkins glasses? In case I didn't he got glasses for his lazy eye.  Apparently it's drifting because his eyes are so bad off and one is so much worse than the other that it was just turning off so that he could focus on seeing out of his better eye.  The glasses now take that strain off of him.  He may still have to go in for therapy we will know in about three months. 

I got my wedding ring fixed yeay!  One of my diamonds had fallen out so I took it in and got it repaired it was making me crazy to not be wearing it.  I'm very happy!

I still do not have a new car :( and I don't think that I will be getting one anytime soon.  They are to much money when it comes down to it.  I have seriously been considering fixing my old one...It will cost a lot of money to but at least it will go slower than just handing it all over at once right?  I know my logic doesn't make much sense but there ya go.

We went to the Celtic Faire out here.  It was so much fun.  We watched to jousting, did some shopping, a lot of walking, Mr A got to throw some axes at a giant piece of wood, we watched jugglers who also ate fire, and were pretty funny.  It really was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go again next year although I hope to volunteer next year because I love to be behind the scenes there.

I built my square foot gardens today yeay.  Ok ok so I messed up and they are not the right measurements shoot me but with hubby's help I think they turned out great especially for my first project since the ehhem clock/table thingy lol.  I am not a build it yourself person but I am working on it slowly.  I can't wait to show pics ahh camera!  We covered the bottome with chicken wire to keep out the gophers and on top of that is weed cloth then the dirt and plants and the grid must not forget the grid the book says.  Hubby says the grid is a stupid add on but I think that it makes it all look uniform and separates out what we put in there nicely so I'm happy with it.  We haven't had time yet to build the lids to keep out the rabbits and cats and any thing else that would love to nibble on our plants and seeds so we wrapped the outside in chicken wire and stapled the bottom to the boxes.  In a few days we will have the time we need to make the lids.

Well that's all I can think of right now.  I hope you are all having a good week :)