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Sun Kissed Sky
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Leadership Garden Legacy

I got a chance to review for Leadership Garden Legacy I was given two sets to look through
but I primarily used the childrens' book called U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids: Growing My Leadership Garden.  
With it came a book, pdf download of the accompanying activity guide and two audio files of the book being 
read to the children.  I didn't actually use the audio files while working through 
the book with my children but I did listen to it afterwards so I could tell you about it.
During the review period I actually read the book aloud to the three boys which made it easy
for me to stop and explain the new concepts and answer any questions that came up as we read.
I also didn't use the writing pages in the children's activity guide because I only have one child old enough to write and he hates it.  I really wanted him to enjoy the book and focus on the lessons not on the 
fact that he'd have to write afterwards so we answered all the questions out loud together.  I must say though
that the voice on the audio is very pleasant and I really enjoyed listening to it and will
probably play it for the kids during quiet time since they enjoy the story so much.

Well now that I have given you all that information let me tell you what the actual product is all about!
The book is written for ages 5-12 but I read it to all three of my sons the youngest being 4 and they all 
enjoyed it.  I could see that my youngest didn't get as much from it but I think he did still learn some and he
really enjoyed listening to the story.  The story is about a sheep named Hugh that wanders onto a farm that just happens to be the Leadership Garden.  He meets the farmers and lots of different animals that all help him on his way to growing his leader within and to take out all the weeds in his life.  
He learns that he gets to choose how he responds to things and to pick what kinds of things he wants to
grow in his Leadership Garden.  There was so much information given that you really need to take 
the time to go over it so that your children really have the time to let it sink in and 
really help them learn it.
The activities in the activity book really went along well with the book.  You even make the same graph as Hugh does in the book to learn if you are balanced or out of balance in your life.  When you fill it
out you color code it and it's very obvious where you are out of sync.
The questions really made me think and my children gave some really good answers sometimes the questions
were a bit much and they didn't know how to answer but after I would do some more explaining
or give them an example myself they would then be able to answer most of them.
I did use the adult book too.  It's called U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within.  I didn't enjoy it as much as I did reading the children's one to them but I did work through the workbook that came with it.  
It had a lot more questions and things to work out then the children had (as it should since it's for adults!). 
This is also something that you really needed time to work through.  The questions
were so involved that I had to sometimes take a few days to think through the answer.
It really pushes you to realize what you think of yourself and what are the leadership seeds your growing and what weeds your allowing to grow.  It also empowers you to realize that you are in charge of how you react to things in life and how you see yourself and others see you.
I really appreciated the prologue to the adult book where the author Debra J. Slover, tells us about herself and the struggles she went through in her life.  It really makes her a real person to me and not
just someone who has it all together and is trying to tell me how to be her.  

Okay so now some more information on the books namely the prices and a special offer!
U.N.I.Q.U.E Kids: Growing my Leadership Garden costs $18.95 but you could also download 
it for $.8.95
U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within also costs $18.95
The kids activity guide is $8.95
The mp3 dowload is $8.95 but you can also get them on cd's for $18.95

This is the special offer!  Make sure you see that the offer ends on May 31, 2013!

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I hope you've enjoyed reading this review!  If you'd like to read more please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew here


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