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Sun Kissed Sky
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: A Journey Through Learning

I tried a lapbook once and I didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing.  My son and  I did finish it but it took a lot of work on my part and so I never did one again....until now.  A review offer came up and I decided to give it a try again after all so many people claim to love them so I needed to see what the hype was about.  A Journey Through Learning sent me four free lapbooks to pick from for the review.  Monkey and Pumpkin worked on one together called Letters, Numbers, and Shapes while Mr A. worked on one called Astronomy and Space.  The other titles that I was offered were Knights and Castles and The Earth which I look forward to doing with my sons in the future.

Let me start by saying there are a lot of pages to print off.  My printer has been out of ink and so I sent hubby to the store and printing both books out cost $13.00 in black and white eep.  However for a book that they are going to put together, learn from, have to refer back to, and have fun making, it was worth it.  Mr A. didn't take as well to his book but not because he didn't like what he was reading but because he hates to write.  It took him forever to write out a couple of sentences.  Now this could be because of his hate for writing or because we have been down with the stomach flu for three weeks you guess.  Anyways he didn't get as much done of his lapbook so I will be focusing on the Letters, Numbers, and Shapes lapbook that was completed.

This lapbook was really cute.  I did a lot of the cutting out of the actual things in the lapbook while my two sons aged 6 and 4 did the rest of the work.  There really is a lot of cutting and some things have some really small areas and my sons are just not that into cutting unless it's just to make confetti.  They had some coloring pages where you colored the shapes, matching of the upper and lower case letters, drawing of animals, and more.  My sons had some magazines and cut out pictures to go along with the little letter flaps.  You could either draw in them or glue in something and my boys liked the idea of cutting up magazines (I have magazine confetti under their work table still lol).  My boys are so excited that they created this 'book' and they get to keep it in their room and use it whenever.  A fun part to the book is that there's a little game in there where you count the number of objects and match it to the correct number.  

The amount of instructions in this lapbook was perfect.  It even came with a little diagram of where to put everything and then the instructions were also on the top of each page making this so easy to do and so much better than going it alone.  I like that with both this lapbook and Mr. A's there is no going to look up the information because it all comes within the lapbooks.  They also come with ideas for ways to further the learning and you could look up more information all you want if it's what your child wants to do but it's so nice to have it all at your fingertips without much prep work to do at all.  

The Letters, Numbers, and Shapes lapbook is for preschool aged children and the instant download cost $13.00 to have it come printed out it's $20 which I would really do next time!  The Astronomy and Space one costs $13.00 for the instant download and $21 for it to come printed.  They also have a CD option which seems to run about $14.  The Astronomy and Space lapbook is for grades 2-7.

All in all I now love lapbooks and think they would be a good addition to our schooling.  I think I'll stick with this company since they have it all laid out so nicely for me I really appreciated it.  

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  1. My daughter and I used to do lapbooks when she was little and we loved them! I always set our printer to the "fast draft" setting so it wouldn't waste ink. I will have to check this out for my son.

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