Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sick and Lots to Catch up on

We've had influenza type b and that's all in the stomach.  Ugh
Today I am starting to feel better and so are
the little guys.
Hubby avoided it lucky him.
It's been a bit crazy we got sick just before my family left for their home.
Yes they finally got all the floors done woohoo.
I am a bit behind in several things that
I really need to catch up on
and will be spending the next few days catching up with it all.
Today I am working in the office
which will now be Mr. A's bedroom.
He's excited but his brothers are not so sure about it.
Pumpkin wants to know how he'll talk to him.
I reminded him that in the morning we are all together he's not leaving us!
I'm sure they'll adjust.
Pumpkin slept in his new bed (Monkey's bottom of the bunk bed)
while the other two slept in the office still since there's a bathroom in there and they are
still sick.
I think tonight though they should all return to their own beds.
Well I suppose that's if I get the bed rails found so
they don't fall off the bunk beds.
Mr. A will be in the office tonight either way.
Well I am off to get some work done have a great day guys.
I'll post some pic's
of my mom's house and other things that have been going on as
soon as I feel up to it and get the work I'm catching up on done.
See you soon!


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