Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Picture updates of the work that's going on here.

I've been talking a lot lately about the projects going on at my parent's rental house.
We've been really busy over there and I'll have a lot
more pictures to show you coming up soon.
For now I thought we should just have a little picture fest of things going on recently
so here we go :)

This is my mom's living room side table that was dark red.  They painted it white and tiled the top.  
We found these cute little knobs (close up below) and they 
look kind of like shells which is perfect 
for their beach theme.

Close up of the knobs.

Here is my parents' faux fireplace.
It used to be a hole with a built in tv stand and shelves.  It went all the way up above the tv in this picture.
My hubby dry walled it and my family built this and put in the electric fireplace.  My mom found this mantle
at an antiques store and restored the wood.  

These are my mom's new curtains.
Here's a close up of them.

Here is the tile work that is in both of the upper bathrooms.

Here it is farther away.

We made a counter top and this is a close up of it.  Before we did this the counter was a 
tanish formica.

Cute picture on the side of the door in the kitchen.

Hallway paint's not as blue as it looks here.

My hubby put up the backsplash.

Here's the back splash again.

Here it is at the window along with the new sink faucet.

Ok this is my house we have these weird tiles in my bathroom and the grout was looking all yucky so I found a grout pen and the below picture is the result.

Nice and pretty.

We did this to my mom's stairs and then it got messed up so we did this:

Now it's a beach theme like the rest of the house :)

This is my new shower curtain and hooks.  We have a bird theme going on at our house in honor
of my hubby's grandma who liked birds specifically hummingbirds but we have
all kinds of birds.

My matching towels.

Pumpkin and Monkey made thes at our homeschool Co-op group I love it.
It has the working lungs he's blowing in, an esophagus that you drop a little candy in
and it goes into the bag labeled stomach.  The yarn at the
bottom is the intestines.  Love, love, love this.  P.S. so does Monkey and Pumpkin.

My new van :)

Monkeys ant's finally came in and we just love to watch them!

Hubby's scooter!  Saves us a lot of gas money!

Monkey all ready for his birthday ride on the motorcycle.

Hubby and Monkey headed out for the birthday ride to the beach :D

I bought the boys some trains and a train table which they love!

And that's all that has been going on here.  Next up is the kitchen tiles and all the wood like tiles in the rest of the house.
It's really coming along nicely.
Meanwhile all of my family is staying at my house.  That means we have 11 people and five dogs here right now.
So I gotta go have a great day guys!


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