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Sun Kissed Sky
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ABeCeDarian Review!

Okay so this review is one I'm actually excited about more so than the others 
and it's not because the other 
products were less than this one but this is one subject that I really have been dreading!  
Mr. A was so hard to teach to read that the mere thought of teaching 
another child sent me into a fearful pit.
I could have stayed just working on letters forever and been happy or so I thought
enter in my review for ABeCeDarian.  
This is the first workbook in the series.

I wanted this review for Monkey he has really wanted to read and I thought a new program
would be perfect. 
For Monkey we started out with Student Workbook A-1 and there's a Teachers Manual A-1 to 
go with it.  Level A is for Kindergarten through mid-1st grade reading levels.  
The books come which come in a plastic spiral bound set with a clear plastic front cover and black plastic backing.  When I got the program I actually had to spend quite some time reading the 
manual because there is a lot of information in it
about how to teach reading, how to use the program, and how children learn to read.  There
was really a lot of helpful information.  
After reading that the book takes you into the lessons and each one is scripted out for you.
I did notice that for Monkey and I we didn't need all the script and 
he kept jumping ahead until I figured out that he didn't need
me to say all the things it wanted me to
so I just began shortening it a little.
This is where I have to let you know that Monkey begs to do this program.
If I seem to be getting up and leaving and we haven't done his reading yet
he gets upset and starts following me around
letting me know that we haven't done it yet and he needs to.
I also feel like I need to tell you that there is a lot of writing.  
Monkey writes letters and words out.  There are
spelling type tests where he's supposed to use the letter sounds 
and his memory to write out words. 
Monkey still needs some practice with this part of the program.
I was really excited to find out that ABeCeDarian has a game type lesson set in it
I as the teacher tell Monkey a word to make and he 
takes the letter tiles (free download with the program you just print them out)
and makes the word and then changes one letter to make the new word that I say.
This was in the remedial program that Mr. A had to go through and 
it was so much fun for him that his reading just took off
so to see it right away with Monkey's reading program just got me all excited and Monkey loves the game
just like big brother did.  With the program came ten little paper readers and
Aesop reader Monkey can't wait to read them and drags
them all over with him.
There's a second part called Student Workbook A-2 that also comes with a
We were trying to get to that set too but with the Influenza here we were wiped out and didn't make it.  
I did look through it though and is a lot like A-1
only it has the child reading sentences and paragraphs which Monkey will be so excited to see.
We used this as our sole reading program
Monkey only knowing his letter sounds some of the time to now
where he can read some words and make the words that I say.
This is so far beyond where Mr. A was that I am so happy with this program and will be using
the same one for Pumpkin when he starts learning next year!
I won't even be afraid to think of teaching a third child not with this as my guide.
If that sounds over done then you really don't know about all the tears, fights, and more that
went on trying to teach Mr. A to read.  I wanted to hire a private tutor for him
or send him to public school until he learned to read just
so we didn't have to do it any more.
This program is so easy and it's been well received by the littles in my life!

Okay so the prices are next 
Student Workbook A-1 costs $12.25
Teacher Manual A-1 costs $28.50
Set of Ten Storybooks costs $21.50
Aesop's costs $2.50

On their website they also have a link to free supporting materials which is where you'll find the letter
tiles, placement tests since their program goes all the way
up to the sixth grade level,  and so much more.

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