Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Monkey's 6th Birthday

So I completely failed this year at Monkeys Birthday.  
It's tomorrow and I never did decide on a theme.   
The party would have been this weekend so I have time to just
 throw something together and see if anyone comes.  
I'm a bit sad that I didn't plan anything though.  
Things just got so busy and a bit out of control.

OK so I didn't finish that post up above....
Monkey's birthday was today!
Last night before bed hubby sketched out Monkey's birthday shirt
and then I buzzed hubby's hair on the sides since
he's got this curly, thick, Mohawk thing going on and then
he dyed my hair while I painted Monkey's shirt.

So when he woke up this morning this is what he found waiting for him: 

Monkey on the phone with his Aunt who lives in WA.

My hair looks good just not the brighter red I was hoping for and it 
showed on the pic of me yet I've been busy
Hubby's hair was cut a little to closely
but he likes it so 
that's a win right?
(he'll grow out of this right?  LOL really I'm fine
with him trying it out)

So we started out with MOPS in the morning then we went
to McDonald's for lunch with some friends
and then off to our 
new friends house for a
bit more play time
after that we met my hubby
at my families and we left our two other boys there 
and took Monkey out for his
alone time with
his parents on his one.
Hubby invited my mom.
Not a big deal though
I thought Monkey would object but 
he was for it and it turned out to be a nice dinner.
What kid doesn't want three
people focusing on him right?
Plus all the different
pizza he could want,
desserts, soda,
and no questions asked...well one 
asked like the one
I kept saying every time he went up for more which was
'where are you putting that all?'
followed by
'your going to burst!'
Needless to say he did not burst but I still have no idea
how he is still up and walking around
sigh growing boys
what can you say?
After that we went to the Dollar Tree and let him pick out a present and
out of a store full of fun things
you know what this boy of mine picked?
A kite, a retro game you know the one where you have to get the rings on the 
stakes and the rings are floating in water
with only the two buttons to push that move them around?
Hmm that's harder to describe than I thought it would be.
Anyways and then one more thing
it's not normal....
a monkey decal for his bedroom wall....
he was even willing to put the game back to get it 
so how could I say no?
I'll have to post a picture of it later because it is cute :)

So there was one happy birthday boy today and I didn't totally fail right?   Right!
Now on to the party planning even if there's
no time left to invite friends
we're used to family get-together's 
anyways and while at the 
dollar tree I found some perfect party supplies without a little 
someone noticing woot.


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