Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pumpkin's Surgery

Pumpkin one day after surgery.

Wow last month was a busy month.  
Like usual Pumpkin got sick and we spent time in the ER where he hyperventilated because
he couldn't breathe and they were busy with a trauma
and have only one respiratory worker.
I think they need to hire more.
Anyways they then sent us home after one treatment even though
I couldn't get his breathing under control with two albuterol
treatments and steroids.  I really think he needed to stay
but after the long night and the next long day he 
began to improve.  
One good thing is this ER visit got me a referral to 
an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor that put Pumpkin on some antibiotics for the 
next four weeks and then he'll have a CAT scan of his sinuses 
to see what's up with them.
Since he's been on this medicine he's cleared up a lot.
I went to the eye doctor where we scheduled Pumpkins eye surgery and just before the 
surgery we took him in to his regular doctor who was
surprised to see that Pumpkin was in the 
best health he's seen him in 

Pumpkin one day after surgery

The surgery happened on the 28th of December with me being quite nervous 
but comforted with the knowledge that so many were praying for him.  The Doctor
moved his eye muscles back so they would stop
swinging his eye up into the corner when he looked
to either side.  He also
straightened his lazy eye so when his glasses are one his eye is looking straight.
Pumpkin came out of the operating room screaming bloody
I got in the hospital bed and they passed him to me.
It took awhile for him to get control of
himself enough to
want to rub his eyes.
He wanted to rub them on everything it was like watching an animal
who has an itch they can't satisfy but
won't stop until they do.
I held his arms as I cuddle him and then he began
rubbing his eyes on my chest and arms so 
I had to turn him over and he 
tried rubbing in the switch
meanwhile he was still screaming.
I had my husband get my mom and sister from the waiting room
as they were coming he finally got enough
control that he yelled out, 'MY EYES', before trying to rub again.
My mom came in then and held him.
He ended up throwing up once and almost an hour after surgery 
he wasn't ready yet but we were pretty much kicked out sent home.
The next few days were filled with swollen eyes, literally blood red eyes, light purple under the eyes,
ointment for the eyes four times a day which made him cry he said they hurt,
and cold washcloths when they hurt.
He really did take it well though.

Pumpkin day two after surgery

Yesterday we went back to see the eye doctor who liked what he saw and we have to finish
out the eye ointment through tomorrow and then he's released from those.
I'll be so glad to stop putting them in and having him cry at me.

Pumpkin's favorite animal, Hooey, got ready for the surgery.

Today so shortly after surgery he's going in for another appointment so that he can get his shots and
we can set up his allergy shots and talk about getting some eczema cream.  
I feel like his health is finally getting somewhere. 
Maybe he'll finally be a healthy child.
Either way I love him.
I'm here for him.
I'm holding him when he can't breathe, when he's getting more shots, when he's on all
his meds even the ones that make him a bit crazy,
when he's throwing up,
when he's screaming,
when he needs me to hold his hand because he's afraid when the doctors
talking to him, I'm here until my times up
and that's not going to change.

I tell him I love him and he asked me why.  
"I love you because your you."
"Just because your Pumpkin and I love Pumpkin."
He gets a shy grin and hugs me, 
"I love you mom."
We go through these same words a lot.
He wants to know if I love him when he's in trouble.
Of course I love him when he's in trouble because he's still Pumpkin.
"Because your still you that's why Pumpkin."
It's a tender moment as I watch him feel the love.
It's interesting how much
he feels it every time we have this talk.
He never feels it less.
He soaks it in and I soak in the look on his face.
Pumpkin today.

Having a sickly child is a strain
it's not easy it's hard 
and it's hard a lot of the time.
I wouldn't trade him
in for all 
a healthy child could bring.
He's special
and he's being prepped for bigger things in his life.
He's growing me along the way.
A teacher to his mother.
All children are.
Mr. A and Monkey see him differently too.
They are more patient with him.
They laugh when the meds make him crazy even though he may be 
making them crazy and they cry and cringe when he's hurting.
We are all on this ride together.
We are all
learning together.

Pumpkin today.

Hug your child(ren) today and remind them that you love them
not because they are good,
or healthy, 
 or good at something
and not only when they are all that and more,
but you love them always even in the muck.
You may think they know
and you may
just think you say it without words
but they need the words.
They need the reminders.
They'll soak it in 
even if you can't tell they are.


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  1. his eyes look better- I'm sorry he has to go thru so much, poor little guy


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