Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Changes Unforseen, Direction Unknown

               Brian got notified this morning that his hours are being cut he will now work four days a week.  I don't know what this means for our family yet.  I feel a little invisible right now.  Invisible to God and my friends and family because it seems like everyone goes into the do what you have to mode without thinking yet about my feelings involved in it all.  This means that we can't afford our apartment so yes I know something has to be done I understand but can we all just take a moment to let me digest it and think it through and maybe even come to a plan on my own?  I need a little time to get use to the solution ideas and decide which ones work best for our family.
  First there is the idea of me going to work its a very famous idea among everyone I know.  Its a good idea in some ways financially I would be bringing in a secondary income.  It would only be minimum wage we would need a sitter for three kids and then we would have to work it out with having only one car and whose picking up who and going where to wait for the ones before driving all the way up the hill.  Yes we could work opposite schedules but then what kind of marriage and family is that to me that's not really much of an option.  I also home school the boys and believe so strongly in it that I'm not going to change my mind it's more important to me than where we live.  I thought about working at the opposite time from my husband only part time while he works part time so that we can have those three days off together.  Brian could try to get another job the market really sucks right now though so it might not happen right away.  I have thought about home businesses but I really need one that has a low investment seeing as how we don't have much money right now if any of you know of one please let me know.  I would love to do an in home day care but I'm worried about the space I live in a 625sq ft duplex on the top floor with no yard but a large deck. 
              Now I know that I'm saying a lot of buts and it might seem like I'm saying no or being negative through it all but I'm just trying to think it out and let all the negatives and ideas go together and we will approach each one to see which one works out the best if you have an idea I didn't think of please post it and I will consider all of them. 
            On to other news Brennen is so much better still a wheezing but otherwise doing very well.  Aidan has the flu it started yesterday evening and in the middle of the night he threw up all over his bed that was fun to clean up.  He is still not feeling better today.  Oen is doing well he was a little tummy sick on Monday but yesterday he was fine.
            All in all I'm a little stressed and yes a little negative but I'm going to be fine I always am.  Life will work itself out and hopefully God isn't ignoring me but has some positive changes coming soon.


  1. Oh thats rough! I'm so sorry hun.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It's going to be tough for a bit but we will be ok. :)


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