Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Friday, May 28, 2010

Brennen is sick yet again

               Brennen was really sick at the end of February with pneumonia, bronchitis, double ear infections, severe dehydration, and the doctor thought a little RSV even though the test came back negative.  My baby was hooked up to IVs and all sorts of monitoring wires that checked his heart rate and oxygen levels.
  He had breathing treatments and at one point he had to have oxygen.   Flash forward to yesterday when I was in the hospital with him from three thirty till around seven last night and the doctor was wondering if he should hospitalize Brennen or not.  He now has bronchitis with wheezing, an ear infection, a little pneumonia, and a high fever.  I was thankful he wasn't as bad as he was previously.  This time he is still eating a little and still drinking.  Last time he had a runny nose on Tuesday, Wednesday he was having a little trouble breathing so we took him to the doctors, and by Friday he was hospitalized until Sunday night in the ICU.  I hadn't even known you could get that sick so fast.  It was an eye opening situation in many ways.  I suddenly saw in a small measure what parents with sick children go through. 
               Once the medicine kicked in he thought he could get up and move around but it pulled on his IVs and unplugged his monitors it made us both miserable.  Once he felt better he was walking through the ICU halls pushing his IV around with only his diaper on they took pictures saying they were going to use him as a mascot for their other patients who wont get up and walk around.  I was very glad to be taking my baby home on Sunday night.  Last night I was sitting there imagining having to do this again and prayed that they would let me take him home  When he finally decided we could go he gave Brennen some antibiotic shots and a second breathing treatment to set him up for the night.  Brennen has an tube with a mask at the end to help him with his inhaler and he has medicine he needs to take I think tomorrow we will be able to go home. We decided to make the doctor feel more comfortable with his decision by staying closer to the hospital so here we are at my inlaws house with our sick baby just hanging out.  I'm just so glad that he was well enough to go home! 

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