Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Third Child Syndrome

                      There's a moment when children are talking to you and you look at them like what could they possibly be talking about?  Aidan came to me a moment ago asking if I have given Brennen a brownie...a brownie?  Its not even lunch time yet... 
He then tells me its something white and feels like a brownie..again I was confused at this point I get up and go in their bedroom where the three of them have been playing and I see it....Its diaper insides yes the diaper had exploded on the to the changing table.  The boys have now all had showers the mess is cleaned and I am now chuckling.  I remember a mommy joke you all know its true though with the first child you change them every hour whether or not they need it the second child you change them every three hours if they need it and the third child you change when you notice the diaper is sagging to the knees and you try to catch it before any other mother notices.  Its the third child syndrome.  The third child now eats sand, gets changed less and gets pacifiers you've rubbed off on your shirt after it fell on the ground. 
                     We overprotect and sanitize the first child worrying constantly that in this new world of mommy hood we are going to really screw this child up give it a disease, drop it, leave it behind, give it a raw bottom, or any other number or things.  Some of these worries or warranted and some make us completely crazy like am I going to give my child a complex because he doesn't have as many toys as his friend or needs a pet.  I have fretted over more things then I care to think or admit out loud.  After this diaper explosion I am worried yet again how did I not noticed his diaper, are they going to get sick from this now, does this child get way less attention, should I change him on a schedule?  Sigh I don't think we stop worrying with the third child but once we realize they wont die if a pacifier drops on our carpet and isn't boiled we began to worry about the play places at the local restaurants and wonder if they are ever sanitized or even cleaned.  So the third child is not less loved just less sanitized and maybe a little more hardy.

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