Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Long Time No Type

Wow I didn't realize that I have been gone so long.  Good thing I am back.  Right now I am at my inlaws because we are having blizzard like weather and it would be way to dangerous to go home..yes in California it does snow for those who still believe that we live in a constant state of sunshine and happiness.
 My two nieces and nephew are here along with two of our sons.  There is only one room for all of us except the parent inlaws.  Thats five children in with us.  Now for sleeping arrangements they have a bunkbed that the two girls sleep on top of, the bottom is wider so my husband and I are sleeping on there, and on the floor is a pull out mattress that the nephew and one son sleeps on.  As for the baby he gets a playpen at the foot of our bed.  I havent had much sleep in days.  Point in case I am writing this at almost twelve thirty at night lol.  Tomorrow the munchkins will awake at seven and I will be asked to let the girls down and the baby will demand to be set freed and fed and I will grudgingly force my tired aching (did I mention how awful the mattress is?) body up and off.  In the meantime I have still been homeschooling my five year old and missing my two year old terribly.  He is off with his grandma, my mother, and has been for a few days now.  It was  suppose to be an overnight stay because his brothers got to stay with her when he had to visit a doctor for his leg issue but due to the snow he has not come back yet.  I suppose I should tell about his leg.  When he was born he was really bow-legged and one leg never looked quite straight but they said it would straighten out as he grew.  Well he is tripping more and his foot is turned in quite badly so I took him in.  The doctor told me that his leg is not the problem its the way that he is sitting in a W form.  It's forcing his hips out when they should be at eighteen degrees one is at thirty and one at forty-five. it will get a little better not all the way though if I do not allow him to sit on the floor but in a chair six inches off of it.  I am still wondering if there is a way to fix it though.  I am going to check into some other doctors and see because any kind of hope of a reversal is worth it.  If anyone has heard of this before please let me know what you have been told, done, anything really would be helpful.  Well I suppose I should go to bed and hopefully verrrryyy soon I will get to go home and get some sleep and some really good focused homeschooling in.  Have a great day!
This is my two year old Oen.


  1. I noticed he was bowl legged but hadn't even thought about it. I think I have heard of this before but I don't remember any specifics. Maybe I heard of it from you and had just forgotten.

  2. I dont know that I ever mentioned it but with my blabber mouth its quite possible lol. There are still no answers about it.


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