Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Change of Plans

(Brian's aunt)

Yesterday we were suppose to bring my husbands aunt to San Fransisco to fly back to Hawaii. I spent Sunday night preparing for the trip. Since all the gas was to be paid for we decided to make a day of it. I cooked noodle salads and hard boiled eggs, sliced some Gouda cheese, and loaded up the cooler.
I packed the boys clothing for weather changes, things to do like books, toys, and games, got their slippers ready packed shoes. I packed snacks cheerios, chips, crackers, and rice cakes. I had everything we could possibly need including sun screen and bug spray. I went to bed at 12:12 am and I had to get up by one or one thirty. Two came and we popped out of bed like we were on fire my husband called his aunt while I got things together on the phone I heard my hubby say, "your gone? You left already? Who brought you?" I sat on the bed trying to understand in my tired stupor what was going on. Well turns out they had been calling us since like 1:13 am to try to get us going and make sure we were still going but we had never heard the phone or our alarm going off. So my father inlaw had given her a ride down there and no they didn't want to wait so we could meet them and take her they were fine. Now this is an odd moment for us here we were all ready and half an hour changed everything. We now had no where to go and all our plans were gone and we didnt even get to say good bye to his aunt. We were pretty awake now too. We sat on the edge of the bed trying to decide what next. We went back to bed at three thrity and got up at eight. We went to Columbia and looked at all the historic items, the carriages, historically correct chickens, the cemetary, old school house, and more. We then had a picnic of all the foods I had made. Then we went to Jamestown and looked at all the trains, signed a petition to help keep California Parks open, and then back to the car. We drove to Angels Camp and walked around the shops there. Then we drove through Murphys and back home. It was such a fun day and relaxing we were all so exhausted when we got home but we felt much closer and it was all free fun close to home. Would San Fran have been more fun? Who knows I just know that this mini vacation was one I will remember as being the most relaxing and fun to date.

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