Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The end of MOPS for the year

Today was my last day of the year at MOPS. MOPS stands for Mother of PreSchoolers. It's a group of mothers that get together hang out and talk motherhood we also have guest speakers and breakfast. Our children are looked after by a group of women volunteers and they do such a good job. Today they had the children sing a song for us. It was so cute to see our children on stage singing and doing a little dance for us. We each got a flower pot with a few flowers in it in celebration of what we had accomplished this year. My accomplishments included homeschooling my five year old, getting our own place and giving birth to our third son. I look back over the year and it's so interesting to see the changes in every ones lives. The pregnant mommas have given birth, the newborns are now teething, new moms are pregnant, and some moms are graduating out of the preschool stage and we will miss them. Sometimes it makes me sad to think about all the changes and to see the children grow so much. I know one day I too will graduate and I will love to see the men they become but boy will I miss my little children. I will miss the bugs, dirt, lovingly picked flowers with no stems, tears, puppies, their little sayings, and I will miss the fridge art. I will miss everything even the things that make me nuts now. But life goes on and so will I one day it will be my turn to graduate and I will have wonderful stories to tell.

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