Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Monday, May 18, 2009

April and may

April ended bitter and confusing. We didn't know where we were going to turn. People in our loose circle were accusing us of things we would never do and we had no job. Bri finally found one at an Alzheimer place fifteen minutes from home.

Bri is my husband and we have three boys Aidan is five, Oen two, and Brennen is six months. We live in a very small two bedroom duplex that barely contains the five of us and all our junk and baby paraphernalia. We haven't paid May's rent yet and it's now the eighteenth. Our first paycheck will come in on Friday and we will have to figure out how to pay the rent and get diapers for our youngest two.

Speaking of which Oen refuses to potty train. Every morning I put him on the toilet I get to hear, "no want it. no want it", yelled over and over I wish I could yell that every time he comes to me and says, "change butt, please. change butt." because I REALLY don't want it.

Aidan has a moustache plan it's very serious for him. His plan is to get a moustache, get a girlfriend, marry her, have kids and he will share them (with me. Was there ever another option? I hope not). This has been his plan since he was three. In between dating and marriage he plans to build them houses, buy quads for the two of them to ride, and travel. He adds plans every time he goes in the car for longer than fifteen minutes. He concludes his plan with I can't wait to get bigger so I can get a girlfriend. His uncle's since told him that if he eats spicy foods it will make his moustache come in so for over a year now he has been eating all the spicy foods he can. The other day I was watching TV while he sat nearby spacing out I could tell he was thinking hard when suddenly he looks at me with a huge sheepish grin and says, "I'm serious I am going to eat some spicy stuff so I can get a moustache I'm serious." He giggled throughout it and then ran to the refrigerator to pull out the jalapenos his father eats and he ate some. He feels up his face and remarks on how his moustache is coming in. I am just sitting there watching him marveling at how fast my little one is growing up and wondering where all this fascination for girls came from. I thought boys would be into cooties and bugs and dirt but not Aidan he's got goals. I think we're in trouble with this one.

Aidan got a concussion running circle's very literally we took him to prompt care and they sent us home unless anything changed and change is exactly what happened. Our son became a very bad child who we didn't want to claim. He spit on a little girl and was mean to a bunch of girls even laughing at them cruelly his forehead began to swell and his temperature spiked. We ran him to the emergency room and once there he began to suck his thumb something he never did even in infancy so scared we waited for hours to see the doctor. Once they saw him and gave him a CAT scan they confirmed his concussion but no other damage. We had to wake him up every two hours that night. I also had to wake up every three hours to nurse the baby yes he still wakes up every three hours to nurse. We had gone to bed at midnight. I woke up at eight thirty to go to MOPS which is Mothers of Preschoolers. I was so tired and so worried about my son. When I got home he was still not the same he was immature for him and he had a babyish voice. We got through it though and he's fine no permanent damage but it took two days for our son to return to his normal self.

I cut Aidan's hair today. It's my first time cutting hair and I cut it so short it looks like I buzzed it off but at least it's all the same length and his ears are still intact I am not sure if I will do it again but it seems like highway robbery to pay for his hair cuts. I know that they say because children do not hold still they deserve to get paid the same as with adults but my son loves haircuts and sits still for them all they do is buzz it leaving it a little longer on the top takes less then ten minutes i think there should be a good behavior discount that's all I'm saying.

Brennen is rolling all over the place and his crawling consists of throwing himself forward so that he is laying on his arms and it seems to work well for him he gets around and into a lot of trouble his favorite is cords and he will worm his way into the tiniest place to reach one where he twists it with his wrist and swings it until I catch him and move him. He is just the best baby though. He went in for a check up everything normal with him and when we came out we had found out that he had an ear infection and a sore throat. He doesn't even cry I told the doctor we had no idea. Both Oen and Brennen received shots that day and by nighttime Oen was crying and refusing to let us touch him only Aidan could hold him. Brennen was only slightly cranky as though he had just sat to long and was sick of it. So we ended up with all three boys in our bed needless to say we did not sleep much. We kept waking up with a child's foot in our faces or an arm across or necks. The baby still had to eat every three hours and Aidan ended up on our feet so we were cramped. I was so glad in the morning when the boys were back to normal and that night we got our own bed back.

Motherhood is a never ending challenge one that sometimes I wonder why I was chosen for it. There are moments when I just want to quit but that only last a millisecond then I hope for at least a vacation somewhere tropical and quiet no children allowed just me and the ocean ahhhh then reality hits me and I remember after such a nice time coming home would be worse than when I left because my husband and the children would have the house torn apart. It's not that he's not a good dad or doesn't work it's just that he gets overwhelmed and is rarely left alone with all three children. So I would need a vacation from my return and it would just continue. LOL.

Well thats it for now have a great day!

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