Sun Kissed Sky

Sun Kissed Sky
The sunrise kissed clouds by our house

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My sister left for Washington on Saturday and while we greatly miss her I mist confess I am truly enjoying having a room now! We have all the children in here with us and a bathroom. We are spending lots of time up here together and it makes it easy to relax. Lesson learned? If you live with people you need to make sure they have the room for it because things can become strained especially when you need a cool down period or space and there is no where to go. We did have the camper but once you put the kids in there with us we might as well have stayed where we were because it was not relaxing. Once again I am happy to have a room! When get a room when we move to NC too except only Pumpkin will be in there with us so that will be nice. I can't wait to get started. Ps we are now moving on the 16th of October so only nine more days yeay and yikes at the same time!


  1. Yay! A room! That must feel great!! I left a comment for you on my page if you want to see it :)

  2. Hi Noelle, Brian and Family! Sorry I missed your departure from Sonora. I deactivated my Facebook account for 30 days. . .just needed a break from all the drama,and just decided I didn't need to be "that" connected all the time.
    I wanted to make sure you have my email address email me and I'll give you our phone number. Let us know when you get out here. If you end up stopping in the Piedmont region of NC on your way to the coast give me a call, maybe I can meet you for lunch or something.
    Also, anything you need to know or if you wanna come visit the area where we live, just call or email.
    Have a safe and fun trip!
    Love, Leigh-Ann

  3. Thank you Tammy it wouldn't let me post under my own name but I posted it as an url. Leigh-Ann thank you we didn't go through there we went down through the south. I would love to get together one day as of right now we are working on a job and things but we will let you know when we get things settled done!


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